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Aadi Krithigai (Ashadam Krittika Nakshatra)

Significance of Aadi Krithigai

Aadi Krithigai is a day auspicious for Lord Muruga and especially this day denotes the divinity between mother and child relationship and this year it falls on 23rd July (Aadi Karthigai in 2022 is on July 23, Saturday), Karthikeya or Muruga is the second son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi. Interesting and inspiring are his birth and feats, which are elaborately described in the ‘Skanda Purana‘.

Muruga in Tamil means beauty. Extolled as the epitome of beauty, valour and “Jnana” [Supreme Knowledge], Muruga is worshipped in several ways, through various rituals. In all Murugan temples, special poojas, abhishekams and yagams are conducted for Lord Muruga on Aadi Kirthigai day. In all the Aaru Padai Vedu (Six Battle Camps of Muruga) Temples, special poojas are held and 100’s of devotees walk and come and offer Kavadi for lord Muruga.

Aadi Karthigai Story

Aadi is the divine month when Gods and Goddesses decide to enhance the lives of their graceful creations-we, the humans. The Tamil month of Aadi falls during the second half of the year known as Dakshinayanam when the Sun transits from the northern hemisphere to the Southern during July. The transition from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere in the month of January is known as Uthirayanam. From times immemorial, both these periods have been considered as auspicious for the worship of the Gods and Goddesses.

Aadi Krithigai and Thai Poosam are important festivals for Lord Subramaniya. For the Goddess Maariamman also the month of Aadi is very auspicious. Aadi Pooram and Aadi Peruku are very popular festivals in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

How Aadi Karthigai festival came into Belief and Existence?

According to Skanda Purana, Lord Muruga took birth from third eye of Lord Shiva as six flames. Agni and Vayu deva carried the six flames of Lord Muruga to the Saravana Poigai. Karthigai Pengal took care of the six babies from Lotus flowers in Saravana poigai. When Lord Muruga attained boyhood, Goddess Parvati took six babies from Karthigai Pengal and made them to single boy with six faces. Hence Lord Muruga is also called Lord Shanmuga. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi granted Karthigai pengal boon that special poojas for Lord Muruga will be held in every Krittika nakshatra. This event is said to have happened on the Vaishaka Pournami when the star was Visaka. This day when Skanda or Karthikeya was born is celebrated as Vaikasi Visakam.

lord shiva and parvati with karthigai pengal

The Krittika star or Nakshatra is considered highly auspicious to worship Muruga. And Aadi Krithigai is more important because Aadi is the first month in the Dakshinayana punyakalam – when the sun god changes his direction from north to south.

Why Hindus celebrate Festivals?

Hindus take every opportunity to celebrate festivals, which allows them to express their feelings and emotions. To understand and appreciate the spirit behind the observance of these festivals and sacred days, a basic knowledge of the concept of the four ‘Purusharthas’ (cardinal principles) is necessary. The 4 Purusharthas are:

  • ‘Dharma’ (righteousness)
  • ‘Artha’ (wealth)
  • ‘Kama’ (fleshly desires)
  • ‘Moksha’ (liberation from the transmigratory existence).

The great sages of yore, who evolved this system, conceded the existence and the need to fulfill the natural instincts of human beings towards the pleasures of ‘the here and the now’.

The Hindu festivals and sacred days with their twin aspects of ‘vratas’ (religious) and ‘utsavas’ (festivals) are designed exactly for this purpose of achieving the metamorphosis of the human being from the mundane to the supra mundane level.

lord shiva gives birth to six murugan

Aadi Krithigai Fasting – How to Do?

On the Aadi Krithigai day, one should get up early in the morning, take a bath, clean the prayer room and place a hexagonal bowl of rice flour before the image of Lord Murugan.

Then light a ghee lamp on both sides of the image of Lord Murugan, place flowers and fruits on the ground and read the “Kanda Sasti Kavasam” or “Shanmuga Kavasam” with the mind without drinking food or water.

It is best for those who are able to fast for the whole day to drink only plain water without eating anything. Those who are in need of food should have unsalted food throughout the day and in the evening go to the nearest Murugan temple to worship and complete their fast.

Aadi Krithigai Fasting Benefits

Aadi Krithigai Fast will remove your karmic reactions. Those who have Mars defect will be less affected by it. Mars in the horoscope will prevent evil consequences for those who walk in the evil direction of the Lord.

Marriage barriers will be removed. The dream of owning a home will come true. All in all the full grace of Murugan.

It is believed that if one prays to Lord Murugan with devotion on the day of Aadi Krithigai, all the doshas, ​​obstacles and hindrances will be removed and a prosperous life will be obtained.

Let’s pray to Lord Muruga and get his blessings on this auspicious day.

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