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History and the Magnificence of the Sage Agastya

History of Agastya Rishi

There were many legends about the origin of the Sage Agastya. The stories say that once the Gods Indra, Vayuand Agni came to the Earth to destroy the demons like Tharagan, who made the people on Earth to suffer. On seeing them, the demons went and hid in the sea. Some legends say that Agastya rishi is the son of the God Agni. Based on the advice of the Lord Indra, the miraculous birth of the Agastya rishi follows a yajna being done by the Gods Varuna and Mitra, where the celestial Apsara, Urvashi appears. They are overwhelmed by her extraordinary sexuality and ejaculate that their semen fell into a mud pitcher, which is the womb in which the fetus of Agastya grows. Some mythologies say that the Sage Agastya was born along with his twin, the Sage Vashishta. The Sage Agastya got the names Kudamuni and Kumbayogi as he was born from the pitcher.

The demons who had previously tormented the people on Earth still continued to torment the Gods and other Sages. The demons hid in the sea when the Lord Indra came to destroy them. Upon the request of the Lord Indra, the Sage Agastya drank all the ocean water and Indra destroyed the monsters. Agastya then released the water back into the sea.

Specalities of the Sage Agastya

  • Once Lord Shiva ordered the Sage Agastya to go the South. Vindhyamalai / Vindhya Hills which stand in the way to reach the Merumalai / Meru Hills, bowed down when it saw Agastya. Agastya, who had said that the hill should bow down until he returns and as he did not go to the North again, the Vindhya hill did not rise. Agastya who came to the south, stayed on the Bodhi Hill and composed the book “Agathiyam” by the order of Lord Murugan.
  • Agastya taught the Siva Gita to the Lord Rama, an avatar of the Lord Vishnu. When Agastya went to the Indra Sabha, the Lord Indra made Urvasi dance. Urvasi forgot her identity due to her love for Indra’s son Sayantan. So the Sage Agastya cursed Sayantan and Urvasi to be born on the Earth.
  • The two monsters named Vilvalavan and Vadhapi, among them Vilvalavan took the form of an archer and invite the Sages who are on their way to dine with them. Then he will cook his brother Vadhapi as food, make them eat and then invite him back. The Sages will die because he tore their stomachs and came out. The sages appealed to the Agastya. The Sage Agastya went to dine with them. The Archer Vilvalavan prepares the food and Agastya, who ate the food ordered Vadhapi who is in Agastya’s stomach to digest. Vadhapi died after Agastya rubbed his stomach and knowing the situation, the archer apologized to Agastya.
  • The Agastya rishi brought the water from Ganges River in a pitcher to worship the Almighty, the Lord Shiva. But the Lord Vinayaga took the form of a crow and hit the pitcher and made the water flow. Thus the water from the pitcher made the River Cauvery.
  • Agastya defeated King Ravana of Sri Lanka with his musical talent.
  • The Sage Agastya is said to have been buried at Ananthasayanam in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, while some say that he has a tomb at the Kumbheswarar temple in Kumbakonam.
  • The work done by the Agastya for Siddha medicines and treatments is immeasurable. The details of many diseases and their treatments and various medical doubts were clearly explained in the book written thousands of years ago.
  • The book Reconciliation Wisdom, published under the name Agathiyar, explains the important nerve nodes in the body. In the book Agathiyar Five Shastras, eighteen types of mental illness and their related medicines and treatments are explained.
  • The Sage Agastya has told about the defects that can happen to children in the Ashta month. Some of the books written by him were:
  1. Agathiyar Venpa
  2. Agathiyar Vaidhya kommi
  3. Agathiyar Vaidya Ratnakaram
  4. Agathiyar Medical Glass
  5. Agathiyar Remedies 1500
  6. Agathiyar Vaithiya Chintamani
  7. Agathiyar Pregnancy Sutra
  8. Agathiyar Life Vedic commentary
  9. Agathiyar Remedies 4600
  10. Agathiyar Senthuram 300
  11. Agathiyar Mani 4000
  12. Collection of Agathiyar Medical Books
  13. Agathiyar Basmam 200
  14. Agathiyar Naadi Shastram
  15. Agathiyar Pakshani
  16. Agathiyar Karisil Basyam 200
  17. Shiva Saalam
  18. Shakti Saalam
  19. Shanmuga Saalam
  20. Agathiyar Sutra

The Sage Agastya Worship Methods

Wax yellow on a beautiful small board with a teacup, wrap it with devotion, place the image of the Swami on top of the yellow board, and light a two-faced lamp on a candle decorated with yellow and saffron tilak before it. Round copper made of brass or copper or silver should be filled with clean water before the film.

Then blindly recite Siddhartha’s meditative verse and then recite the following sixteen verses and adorn yourself with Vilvam, Tulsi, Kadirpachai and Vibudhi (the holy ash).

Wear a light green dress and worship with panchamirtham, fruits, chakkarai pongal, tender coconut, etc. and pray on Wednesday. Receite “Praise Sage Om Sreem Agathi!” And say that 108 times and worship him.

Agathiyar Siddhar History

Agastya Rishi Pooja Benefits

  1. Excels in music and poetry.
  2. Education ban will be lifted.
  3. Mercury will remove the evil caused by God.
  4. Preliminary sins will be removed.
  5. Get rid of the curse and get their blessing.
  6. People are looking for fame and fortune.
  7. Native assets available.
  8. All kinds of diseases will be cured.
  9. There is unity in the family.

Recite the following

  1. Praise be to the one who protects the gods and goddesses!
  2. Praise be to the one who saw the Shiv Sakthi wedding vision!
  3. Praise be to the One who balanced the South and the North!
  4. Praise be to the one who overcomes the arrogance of the Vindhya mountain!
  5. Paranoid doctor is on the rise!
  6. Praise be to the one who solved the curse of Sweden!
  7. Praise the musical torch!
  8. Praise be to the Lord of the Rings!
  9. Praise the mercy of Kaveri!
  10. Praise the grace that gave Agathiyam!
  11. Praise be to Ramaphran, the Gita of Shiva!
  12. Praise be to the One who destroyed the monsters!
  13. Praise be to the one who knows the wonderful medicines!
  14. Praise the one who defeated Ravana with music!
  15. Praise the Lord Agathi who gives pleasure by praising tribulations! 

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