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Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram – History, Timings & Address!

Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram Chengalpattu

🛕 Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple is located in Hanumanthapuram Village near Chengalpattu in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. The village is located off the road going from Chengalpattu towards Thiruporur after Perunthandalam and Senneri villages. The road that leads to this village is not easily Motorable and is amidst the reserved forest zone. Main deity is called as Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy and Goddess is called as Sri Kaalikaambal. However, during the new moon days and full moon days, a lot of devotees throng to this temple. It is believed that mentally ill people get cured if they visit the deity of this temple. Hence, you can find many mentally challenged people in and around the temple.

Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram Legends

🛕 Dakshan (son of Brahma and father of Parvathi) performed a Yagnya. He had invited all Devas and Gods for his Yagnya except Lord Shiva, as he always disliked him because Lord Shiva married his daughter Parvathi without his knowledge. But as per the rituals, he has to invite Lord Shiva, without which the Yagnya won’t be complete. But Dakshan ignored Lord Shiva and also was not willing to give due offerings to him in his Yagnya.

🛕 Knowing this Lord Shiva got furious and sent Lord Ganesha to stop Dakshan’s Yagnya, but Lord Ganesha couldn’t succeed, followed by Lord Muruga who again couldn’t defeat Dakshan to stop his Yagnya. Finally, he created a power from the droplets of his sweat and gave it a form and named him Veerabadhrar. Veerabadhrar, who was created from Lord Shiva’s sweat, was assigned to defeat Dakshan and stop his Yagnya.

🛕 Goddess Parvathi, who was also equally upset with Dakshan’s attitude, created a Shakthi called Kaali and made her accompany Veerabadhrar in his mission to defeat Dakshan. Sri Veerabadhrar went and chopped Dakshan’s head with ease. From then Dakshan didn’t have head at all. Later, with the prayers of Dakshan’s wife, Sri Veerabadhrar blessed him with the head of a goat and hence Dakshan is seen with the human body and goat’s head. It is believed that Dakshan was defeated by Sri Veerabadhrar in this place.

Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram History

🛕 The temple is big but doesn’t have many deities. The main shrine has a huge idol of Agora Veerabhadra Swamy in the standing posture along with his ‘vahana’ goat. He is facing the north direction. Agora Veerabhadra Swamy stands more than seven feet tall holding many weapons. Goddess Kaali is present just outside the sanctum, facing east.

🛕 Kaali is believed to be more powerful here. This village also has a separate temple for Kaliyamman. Nandhi is seen facing south towards the Lord. This very unusual temple attracts lots of devotees during new moon days and full moon days. This place is said to cure people with mental illness.

🛕 Many mentally challenged people are brought here and prayers are offered to Sri Agora Veerabadhrar. It is believed that Sri Agora Veerabadhrar blesses them to recover from their mental illness. There is a beautiful temple pond in front of the temple, where many devotees take bath before visiting the temple. Also many bring mentally challenged people and bathe them here. Betel leafed garland is offered to the Lord here.

🛕 It is said that this place was once filled with betel leaf creepers. Betel leaf garland is considered auspicious for Sri Agora Veerabhadra Swamy here. The age of this temple is not known to many, even to the temple priests. There are no archeological evidences or whatsoever to date this temple. But the priests say that they have been serving this temple for 12 generations and the legend of this place is passed on to them word of mouth ancestrally.

🛕 Two idols of Ganesha and Shanmuga are also located in this temple. The temple has only one big prakara (corridor) surrounding the shrine. There is no temple tower (raja gopuram). A huge tank is located in front of the temple. This temple attracts huge crowds on Full moon and new moon days.

🛕 There is an old stone inscription in this temple, belonging to 1921 where one Chinnappa Nayakkar of Ayanpuram (Ayanavaram), Chennai has donated his shop sites to the temple to be used for performing atleast one time pooja every day. On Pournami days, Archanas are performed to Sri Veerabadhrar here throughout the night.

Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram Prayers

🛕 This temple is famous to cure mentally ill people and there will be many such people wandering over. Many mentally challenged people are brought here and prayers are offered to Sri Agora Veerabadhrar. It is believed that Sri Agora Veerabadhrar blesses them to recover from their mental illness.

🛕 The temple tank is considered very auspicious and lot of people takes a dip to get rid of their health problems. The temple priest provides a red thread to be worn around the hand which is considered offering the Lord’s protection. Betel leaf garlands are offered to the Lord.

How to Reach Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram Chengalpattu?

🛕 The temple can also be reached from Singaperumalkoil and is located at 10 kms east of Singaperumalkoil. The road to the temple is deserted with Government reserved forest area for a few kms. It is advised not to visit this temple during the nights.

Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Hanumanthapuram Address

Agora Veerabhadra Swamy Temple,
Hanumanthapuram, Chengalpattu,
Tamil Nadu 603108.

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