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Amavasya Spiritual Facts

What is Amavasya?

Amavasya is a significant day in the Hindu lunar calendar, which marks the New Moon or the absence of a visible moon in the sky. The term “Amavasya” is derived from the Sanskrit words “ama” meaning “together” or “united” and “vasya” meaning “to dwell” or “reside.” Therefore, Amavasya represents a time when the sun and moon are in conjunction, occupying the same celestial longitude.

Amavasya occurs once every month when the moon is completely dark and not visible in the sky. It is considered an important day for various religious and spiritual practices in Hinduism. Many people observe fasts, perform rituals, and offer prayers to their ancestors and deities on this day.

Spiritual Facts of Amavasya

In the southern part of Tamil Nadu, Amavasai is not considered an auspicious day by many; The reason is that on that day we give Darpanam to our ancestors and their idea is not to do good deeds on the day of giving Darpanam.

But in the northern part, no one thinks like this. On a full moon, you will see many people who say that they have opened a shop, bought a new cart, and got a land deed.

But generally, not many people accept Amavasi as an auspicious day. So Amavasi is a good day? Bad day?

Does Amavasya is Good Day or Bad Day?

On the new moon day, the sun and the moon come in a straight line, i.e. meet each other and on that day the ancestors come to earth from Puniyaloka. They subtly monitor their generations. As their successors, they watch with concern and bless the things we start.

So if you worship the ancestors called Bithur deities and respect them and start new things on the new moon day, good things will definitely happen. Doing good deeds on that day will not cause any harm. It is an auspicious day because it is the day when ancestors come to earth.

Thai Amavasi, Aadi Amavasi, and Puratasi, Masi Amavasi are very special among Hindus.

Amavasi is the best day for ancestor worship! This applies to all religions.

A magnetic force is created when the Sun and Moon, which govern the world, die together on Amavasya.

Abstaining from meat on Amavasya is a great boon.

It has been scientifically proven that children born on Amavasi have brains that are overworked later in life.

Russian scientists say that more accidents occur on the new moon day.

Astrologically it is a new moon day. Many people wear rings on the new moon.

Due to the combination of Surya Arti and Lunar Arti, the forehead is strengthened. So the Shastris start chanting on the new moon. They take a bath in the sea to get rid of their bad luck.

Jiva samadhis get a new impetus on Amavasya. Many Guru Pujas and Adishtana Pujas are conducted on Amavasi.

Ordinarily, dead spirits feed on nectar in the moon’s rays. That is its food.

On the new moon, the moon’s rays are not available to the spirits. So the spirits crave food. Unable to bear hunger, they come to blood-related houses. At that time, we will see if anyone is counting on us, doing favors for us.

Alms should be given to the homeless poor on Amavasya. On every new moon day, one can donate as much food as they can. Cows, crows, dogs, cats, and other animals can also be given Food on that day.

It is good to perform Amavasai Pithur Tappanam and Annadanam where the family deity is present. Those who can’t do it where their favorite deity is. Can also be done at home.

Do not apply oil on the head of Amavasya. You can take a dip in the sea at holy places. Or take a dip in the river. Water taken from the ocean can be brought home and sprinkled at sunrise on the morning of Amavasya. So the doshas in the house will be removed.

Spirits who are not related to relatives stay in trees and vines only on the new moon day and eat their essence. Therefore, only on the new moon day, one should not touch trees, plants, vines, vegetables, or grasses. Do not pluck.

Those who are not able to perform alms on Amavasi every month should perform alms on Thai, Adi, and Puratasi Amavasi. If performed on Puratasi Amavasi, the sin of not offering alms for 12 years will be removed. Annapurani is the one who gives us the swan! Swata Devi is the one who comforts the spirits! Goddess Swata washes the anna we offer to the spirits and the clothes we put in the yaga to the spirits concerned.

Residents of cities should give alms to poor children or the destitute in remembrance of their ancestors on Amavasya. Other donations depend on one’s convenience.

Annadanam can be porridge, rice or idli. But sesame chutney or sesame balls are a must-have.

Those who are unable to do anything should give nine bananas to one cow on Amavasi. It has no distinction of caste, religion, or race.

Everyone should do this for their ancestors to have peace of mind.

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