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Angala Parameswari Temple Melmalayanur – History, Timings

Angala Parameswari Temple Melmalayanur Villupuram

🛕 Angala Parameswari Temple is situated at Melmalayanur, 32 km from Gingee in Viluppuram District, Tamil Nadu. Goddess Mother Parvathi the wife of God Shiva took birth on a hive. The origin purpose is to clear God Shiva from certain sin and offer endowments to all individuals in kaliyug. The conception occurred before the commencement of kaliyug.

🛕 The temple is situated in the origin Melmaliyanoor. The forte in this temple is Mother Angala Amman facing north while favouring the followers. The immense amazing brightest light is mother Sri Angalaparameshwari was administering the world even before inhabitation began. Mother Parvathy just made Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheswaran and Sadhasivan for creation, Upkeep, destination, concealing and blessing.

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About The Deity

🛕 The deity of the temple is the Sembadavars. There is an ancient snake pit in the inner sanctum.

Angala Parameswari Temple Legends

🛕 When Takkan went to kailash, He was halted by one of Shiva’s representatives. Infuriated by this, takkan performs troublesome yagams with egotistical reasons. He didn’t welcome God shiva. Dhakshyani went to yaga inspite of God Shiva’s reluctance. She charged thakkan for welcoming God Shiva. Yet, she was just offended totally disappointed, Dhakshayani saw yaga was demolished.Dhakshayani pulverized her own particular body. God Shiva took her body and contrived with wild outrage (Rudhrathandavam). While the right hand of Dhakshayani fell into Dhandakarunyam.

🛕 A piece of Dhandakarunyam is Malayanoor. Aroop (shapeless) Angalaamman to seam with God Shiva, she took the shape of Parvathi, the Girl of parvatharajan. She wedded God Shiva. With force of manthras and aids from God Shiva, Brahama performed a yaga to standby god men from two evil presences known as SANDOBI and SUNDARAR. While this yaga was performed, thilothama as apsaras came to lifespan. Attracted by the beauthy of thilothama devils as well as followed her. For her assurance she went to kailash where Brahma likewise followed. As Brahma additionally was with 5 heads, Parvathi mistook him for Shiva. To seek his blessings she touched his feet.

🛕 When Parvathi understood reality, she was exceptionally irate and asked Shiva that fifth head of Brahma ought to be wrecked. As recommended by God Vishnu, Shiva battled with Brahma and cut his fifth head. Anyhow, Brahma was repaid with new head. Shiva cut Brahma’s head 999 times and got tired. He made all the 999 heads into festoon and wore it. He cut Brahma’s head and affirmed with four heads just. God Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are bolstered to be three hands of Divine beings. All of sorts of energies were separated predominantly as three sorts, Wish, activity and Insight. Right Side is taken as male and left as female. At the point when both sides keep together brought about making of Sky, Water, Flame Wind and Earth.

🛕 Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma were collaborated with Lakshmi, Eswari and Sarswathi. Brahma, the God for creation had 10 colleagues to help in his maneuvers. Thakkan the vital partner, core of living including holy person. He likewise made 60 very gorgeous young women and wedded them to God men. In this procedure Eswari’s creator, made Dhakshayani and wedded her to God Shiva. Devi Parvathi was wandering in all places all over the world. In Thiruvannamalai, she meets Sage Kapil and washes up in Brahmatheertham. Only after that she becomes alleviated from Sarswathi’s condemnation.

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🛕 From Thiruvanamali, Devi Parvathi comes to Thazhanur. She halts there for a night. When going to malaiyanoor, she creates a huge stream of lake (ponneri). She lost her ring in the adjacent fields. She reviled that the lake won’t have any fields from that point. These are valid till date. In transit she felt parched. Be that as it may, individuals there did not oblige her with water. So she condemn them that they would never have palm trees. Dasan with his 3 children (sooran, Veeran, Ukiran) went for angling in Malaiyanoor Lake. Parvathi proposed to them that catch ought to be committed to her for which just Veeran needed to oblige. Be that as it may, he was sad for having harmed net. Angala Amman gave three stones to veeran.

🛕 The main when tossed into lake it will make the net good, second stone will bring about getting fishes. It has to be devoted to mother. Last stone would produce immense catch of fishes, which can be utilized for selling. Veeran did according to the askings. At that point Angalamman made a snake hive in castle garden and set there as five headed snake. Angler Dasan unsuccessfully attempted to nap the hive. On the third day Angalamman offered Darshan to each of the 4 fishermen. She told them that because of Saraswathi’s condemnation she was there. Every day she told them to do Pooja for her. She would spare them and their future eras. As needs be anglers performed pooja even at this point.King of the place Malai Arasan came to gardens and saw the snake hive sanctuaries.

🛕 The King got violent with Dasan’s people. He led an incredible power to crush the snake and its hoard. She made everything untraceable and offered dharshan to the King. Then the King gave twelve kanni plots for building the shrine. Individuals took sand from snake hive as prasad and got alleviation from ailments. God Shiva crosses watercourse sangraparani and comes to Melmalaiyanoor. In cremation ground consumes 3 modest bunch of slag and gets some easing from appetite. At that point he requests nourishment before the sanctuary. When heeding to Shivas voice Parvathi feels upbeat and thinks about her sibling Vishnu who evaluates the technique for alleviation from condemnation. That Minute she had discussion with God Vishnu.

🛕 God Vishnu adviced her that Delectable nourishment is to be arranged in three sections, the first two parts are to be given to Kabalam, Third part is dropped in the floor as though by error, then Kabalam comes down to eat the sustenance, parvathi would have to take monster shape and destroy. On doing this the condemnation will be discharged. To cook the nourishment she ought to take the assistance of lakshmi and Amudha Surabi. She arranges God Ganesh to deal with his dad till the lunch is over. Ganesh did his responsibility. Parvathi performed pooja to the feet of God Shiva and served lunch as recommended by Vishnu.

🛕 When Kabalam comes down to eat the third piece of sustenance, Parvathi took monster state of Angala Prameshwari and pounded it with right foot and made it as her worker. When Shiva was discharged from condemnation he felt cheerful and went to Chidambaram for dancing cheerfully. He got the name of Dhandeswarar and Parvathi as Dhandeswari. To reduce the outrage, the Angalaparameshwari was taken in parade in vehicle. Advisors, Sanctified envoys and holy people got to be wheels, Wheel hook and throne of the vehicle. Angalamman came to ordinary and embraced parade fit as a fiddle. So Angala Amman favors her aficionados by staying in melmalayanur.

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Melmalayanur Angala Parameswari Temple Pooja Details

Pooja Details Timing
Nadai Thirappu Morning 5.00 AM
Kala Santhi Pooja Morning 8.00 AM – 8.30 AM
Sayaratchai Pooja Evening 4.00 PM – 4.30 PM

Angala Parameswari Temple Festivals

🛕 A festival celebrated here during February-March is famous for Simimasana kollai. During the festival many pilgrims cook large quantities of various kinds of grain and set it out in the burning ground. This offering to the goddess is believed to grant wishes. Lots of devotees throng to the temple during Ammavasai (New Moon day).

How to Reach Angala Parameswari Temple?

Air: The Nearest Airport is at Chennai about 129 KM near.

Rail: The nearest rail head connecting Melmalayanur is Polur about 31 KM near.

Road: Cabs and taxis can be hired from the rail head or the bus stand at melmalayanur.

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Melmalayanur Temple Address

🛕 This temple is administrated by The Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department Tamilnadu.

Arulmigu Angalamman Thirukoil,
Gingee, Viluppuram – 604204
Melmalayanur Angalamman Temple Contact Number: +91-4145234291, +91-4145234229, +91-4145234201.

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