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Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram – History, Timings, Festivals & Address!

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram

🛕 Arasaleeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Siva located at Thiru Arasili, presently called as Ozhinthiyapattu in Villupuram District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Arasaleeswarar / Arasili Naathar / Ashwatheswarar and Mother is called as Periya Nayaki / Azhagiya Nayagi. This is one of the 276 Devara Padal Petra Shiva Sthalams and 31st Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Tirugnanasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. This temple has been praised in the Padmapuranam.

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram Legends


🛕 Sage Vamadeva visited many Shiva Sthalas seeking relief from a curse he incurred. When he came to this place, he relaxed for a while under an Arasu tree thinking how pleasant would it be if Lord Shiva was there under the tree. Knowing the Sage’s wish, Lord appeared there as a Swayambu Murthy, relieved Vamadeva of his curse. The sage immediately had a bath in the nearby spring, installed the Linga and worshipped. As Lord appeared under an Arasu tree, He is named Arasaleeswarar and the place Arisili.

Lord Shiva blessed Chalukya King Satyavrathan with Children

🛕 After some time, the Shivalinga installed by Sage Vamadeva in this place had disappeared. The region was under the rule of Chalukya king Satyavrathan. He was a staunch Shiva devotee. He had no issues. He created a garden, installed another Shivalinga in the place and was worshipping. One day his servant found the plants without flowers and informed the matter. The king did not take it seriously. The servant had to repeat the news next day too.

🛕 To catch the flower thief, the king closely watched the place in the wee hours and found that a deer was happily eating the flowers. The king was angry that an animal ate the flowers meant for Shiva Puja and shot an arrow. The deer escaped and hid in the hole in the Arasu tree. The king shot an arrow at the tree. The tree bled. The king thought that the animal was wounded and looked into the hole but found a Shivalinga only and not the deer. It was the Linga that disappeared long back.

🛕 The king bowed before the bleeding Lord and sought his directions. Lord appeared before the king and said that the deer was but he. He blessed the king with children. The temple came into being with the efforts of the king. The arrow scar on this Lingam is still visible and is covered with a piece of cloth during poojas. It is also said that the King Satyavrathan son Indrasenan and his granddaughter Sundari lived and worshiped this lingam here. King Satyavrathan built the Temple for Lord Shiva.

Ozhinthu Agapatathu

🛕 The Siva Lingam is said to have disappeared during sage Vamadeva period and again reappeared for Chalukya King Sathyaviradhan. Hence the place is called as Ozundiyapattu (Ozhinthu in Tamil means “lost” and Agapatathu means “got back”. Ozhinthu + Agapatathu = Ozundiyapattu in due course).

🛕 Chalukya Kings worshiped Lord Shiva in a Prathosam day

🛕 Chalukya Kings worshiped Lord Shiva in a Prathosam day, hence Prathosam is famous here.

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram History

🛕 The Temple is over 1300 years and believed to have been built by the kings of Chalukyas.

The Temple

🛕 This temple has a small main tower (Rajagopuram) and a single corridor. The Rajagopuram of the temple has a 3-tier structure. It is east facing and is believed to have been built by the kings of Chalukyas. Presiding Deity is called as Arasaleeswarar / Arasili Naathar / Ashwatheswarar and is facing east. Lord Shiva’s lingam in this temple is a Swayambumurthy (self-manifested) and is very small in size. Lord graces the devotees under a Rudraksha (108 beads) Pandal – tent.

🛕 The arrow scar on the Linga is still visible. Both as a mark of respect to the Lord and as if to cover the scar injury, a turban is tied on the Linga during the pujas. Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Vishnu Durgai and Vaishnavi are the niche idols around the sanctum. Dwajasthambam and Nandhi are facing the sanctum through a window. The Vinayaka of this temple is known as Varasiddhi Vinayaka.

🛕 Lord Dakshinamurthy portrayal is somewhat different in this temple. The demon “Muyalagan” under Lord Dakshinamurthy feet is mostly depicted as facing the right side. However, in this temple he is facing left. Another unique feature of this shrine is that above Dakshinamurthy idol, there is a Natarajar sculpture in the “Ananda Thandavam” pose. It is said that Lord Dakshinamurthy symbolizes Peace and Lord Nataraja Bliss telling mankind that they have to practice Ananda-bliss through Silence-Peaceful state of mind.

🛕 It is a rare portrayal of Lord Shiva’s Upadesa as Dakshinamurthy combined with the bliss embodied in Lord Nataraja. Lord Mahavishnu graces on the ghoshta-wall around the sanctum sanctorum facing west. Mother is called as Periya Nayaki / Azhagiya Nayagi and is facing south. She is housed in separate shrine with Simha Vahana. Shrines for Lord Varasiddhi Vinayakar, Lord Murugan with his consorts Valli and Deivayanai, Lord Brahma, Sun God, Vishnu Durgai, Vaishnavi, Kala Bhairavar, Chandikeswarar, Nalvar and Navagraham can be seen in the corridor.

🛕 There are lot of stucco images and paintings around the entrance and prakaram walls. Theertham associated with this Temple are Arasili Theertham and Vamadeva Theertham. Sthala Vriksham is Peepal Tree (Arasa). There are many old Tamil inscriptions found around the sanctum walls. These Tamil inscriptions belongs to Imperial Cholas and majority of them belongs to Vikrama Chozha and Kulothunga Chozha. During their period this place was called as “Oimanattu Thiruarasili” and “Jayankonda Chozhamandalathu Oimanattu Vijaya Rajendra Chozhavalanattu Peruvembur Nattu Thiruarasili”.

🛕 It is said that Saint Thirugnanasambanthar stayed here for a few days and worshipped the lord. A mutt called the “Thirugnanasambanthar Mutt” can be seen on the southern side of the temple. This Tirugnanasambandar madam built by “Srimathi Jayalakshmi” on the left side of the temple and seventh day’s festival is sponsored through the interest from a deposit made by her.

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram Opening Time

🛕 The Temple remains open from 06.30 AM to 12.00 Noon and 04.30 PM to 07.30 PM.

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram Festivals

🛕 10-day Vaikasi Brahmotsavam in May-June, Maha Shivarathri in February-March and Tirukarthikai in November-December is the festivals celebrated in the temple. Since the kings from the Chalukya dynasty worshiped Lord Shiva on Prathosam days here, poojas on Prathosam days is famous.

Literary Mention

🛕 The Lord of the temple has been praised in the Thevaram hymns of Tirugnanasambandar. Arasili is the abode of Lord who drove away Kala, the God of Death, who conquered cupid (Manmatha) the deity of passion and lust, living on the charity offered by others, wearing Kondrai flowers and tortoise garlands and sacred ash sprayed over his body. This is the 31st temple in the Thondai Nadu region that has been praised in Thevaram hymns. Saint Sambandar stayed here for a while and sang Pathigams – set of 10 verses.

🛕 Devotees visiting this temple should make it a practice to recite this Pathigam.

பாடல் வண்டறை கொன்றை பால்மதி பாய்புனற் கங்கை
கோடல் கூவிள மாலை மத்தமுஞ் செஞ்சடைக் குலாவி
வாடல் வெண்டலை மாலை மருவிட வல்லியம் தோள்மேல்
ஆடல் மாசுணம் அசைத்த அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

ஏறு பேணிய தேறி யிளமதக் களிற்றினை யெற்றி
வேறு செய்ததன் உரிவை வெண்புலால் கலக்கமெய் போர்த்த
ஊறு தேனவன் உம்பர்க் கொருவன்நல் லொளிகொளொண் சுடராம்
ஆறு சேர்தரு சென்னி யடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

கங்கை நீர்சடை மேலே கதம்மிகக் கதிரிள வனமென்
கொங்கை யாளொரு பாக மருவிய கொல்லைவெள் ளேற்றன்
சங்கை யாய்த்திரி யாமே தன்னடி யார்க்கருள் செய்து
அங்கை யாலன லேந்தும் அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

மிக்க காலனை வீட்டி மெய்கெடக் காமனை விழித்துப்
புக்க ஊரிடு பிச்சை யுண்பது பொன்றிகழ் கொன்றை
தக்க நூல்திகழ் மார்பில் தவளவெண் ணீறணிந் தாமை
அக்கின் ஆரமும் பூண்ட அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

மானஞ் சும்மட நோக்கி மலைமகள் பாகமு மருவித்
தானஞ் சாவரண் மூன்றுந் தழலெழச் சரமது துரந்து
வானஞ் சும்பெரு விடத்தை யுண்டவன் மாமறை யோதி
ஆனஞ் சாடிய சென்னி யடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

பரிய மாசுணங் கயிறாப் பருப்பத மதற்குமத் தாகப்
பெரிய வேலையைக் கலங்கப் பேணிய வானவர் கடையக்
கரிய நஞ்சது தோன்றக் கலங்கிய அவர்தமைக் கண்டு
அரிய ஆரமு தாக்கும் அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

இப்பதிகத்தில் 7-ம்செய்யுள் சிதைந்து போயிற்று.

வண்ண மால்வரை தன்னை மறித்திட லுற்றவல் அரக்கன்
கண்ணுந் தோளுநல் வாயும் நெரிதரக் கால்விர லூன்றிப்
பண்ணின் பாடல்கைந் நரம்பாற் பாடிய பாடலைக் கேட்டு
அண்ண லாயருள் செய்த அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

குறிய மாணுரு வாகிக் குவலயம் அளந்தவன் தானும்
வெறிகொள் தாமரை மேலே விரும்பிய மெய்த்தவத் தோனும்
செறிவொ ணாவகை யெங்குந் தேடியுந் திருவடி காண
அறிவொ ணாவுரு வத்தெம் அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

குருளை யெய்திய மடவார் நிற்பவே குஞ்சியைப் பறித்துத்
திரளை கையிலுண் பவருந் தேரருஞ் சொல்லிய தேறேல்
பொருளைப் பொய்யிலிமெய்யெம் நாதனைப் பொன்னடி வணங்கும்
அருளை ஆர்தரநல்கும் அடிகளுக் கிடம்அர சிலியே.

அல்லி நீள்வயல் சூழ்ந்த அரசிலி யடிகளைக் காழி
நல்ல ஞானசம் பந்தன் நற்றமிழ் பத்திவை நாளும்
சொல்ல வல்லவர் தம்மைச் சூழ்ந்தம ரர்தொழு தேத்த
வல்ல வானுல கெய்தி வைகலும் மகிழ்ந்திருப் பாரே.

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram Prayers

🛕 Since this temple’s Sthala Viruksham (peepal tree) is related to star Poosam, this temple is considered as a Parihara Sthalam for Poosam Nakshatram. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva here will grant the boon of childbirth to childless couples. It is believed that performing an abishek to Lord with the leaves of Arasu tree would bring back the positions lost by the devotee earlier and also reward with promotions. Realizing their wishes, devotees offer vastras to Lord and Mother and do Angapradakshinam-rolling around the prakara.

How to Reach Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram?

🛕 The Temple is located at about 6 Kms from Panjavadi, 7 Kms from Thailapuram, 8 Kms from Vanur, 8 Kms from Thiruchitrambalam Koot Road, 9 Kms from Irumbai, 9 Kms from Kiliyanur, 10 Kms from Auroville, 12 Kms from Moratandi, 26 Kms from Tindivanam, 20 Kms from Puducherry, 51 Kms from Villupuram and 149 Kms from Chennai. The Temple is situated at about 15 Kms away from Puducherry on the Puducherry to Tindivanam route. After crossing Moratandi, there is a small road on the right going to Ozhinthiyapattu village. Travel along that road for about 1.5 kms to reach the temple.

🛕 There are no direct buses to the temple. Auto facility is available from a nearby place called Tiruchitrambalam Koot road which can be reached by bus from Tindivanam and Puducherry. Two more Paadal Petra Sthalam – Kiliyanur and Irumbai Maakaalam are located very near to this place. Nearest Railway Stations are located at Tindivanam (26 Kms) and Puducherry (20 Kms). Nearest Airports are located at Puducherry (16 Kms) and Chennai (134 Kms).

Arasaleeswarar Temple Thiru Arasili Villupuram Address

Arasaleeswarar Temple,
Ozhinthiyapattu, Vanur Taluk,
Villupuram District – 605 109,
Phone: +91 4147 235 472.

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