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Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple History [Srimushnam]

Srimushnam Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple

Temple Srimushnam Varaha Swamy Temple
Moolavar Shri Bhuvarahan
Urchavar Shri Yakngya Varahan
Amman/goddess Ambujavalli
Thala virutcha Peepal tree
Theertham Nithyapushkarani
Town Srimushnam
District Kadalur

Srimushnam Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple Story

Among the ten incarnations (Avatar) of lord Thirumal, Varaha Avatar is the special one. He is the one who displayed as Bhuvaraha Moorthi. Before visiting the Ezhumalaiyan in Tirumala Tirupati, we have to worship Aathivaraha Perumal in the separate temple near Pushkarani pond who gave a place to build the temple and grant devotees.

Srimushnam temple has the closest connection with Varaha avatar. This temple is called “Thirumuttam”.

At Kadalur district, Kaatumannar temple town, there is a Chennai National Highway routing from Anaikarai-Meensuruti to Vadalur through Sathyathop where Solatharam town exist. From there at an average distance of 12km on the way to Viruthachalam Srimushnam town existed.

srimushnam bhu varaha swamy temple entrance

Bhuvaraha Perumal

With seven tiers and nine cruses(kalasa) the tall colourful big tower facing east decorated this temple. Going inside by passing the tower, there is a big 1000-pillared mahal with splashing sculptural beauty on its black stoned pillars.

There we had blessings from Garudalwar and worship the Moolavar sanctum inside. In front of the sanctum, Jayavijayas and Dhuvarabalagars are located and grant the people. Inside the sanctum, Bhuvaraha Moorthi is located. The Vimana which he located is called as “Bavana Vimana”.

In the places of Thirumala, Kanji, Thirukovilur, and Oppiliyapan temple he displayed as Nedumal whereas here he displays as a small Moorthi. “The idol may be small but it’s fame is big”.

His appearance bears big beauty. His body may face west but varahar’s face is located on seeing south. Usually, Mahavishnu holds the discus (chakra) and conch (sankha) in his four hands. But here he appears as a Varaha Moorthi with two hands on his waist.

srimushnam bhuvaraha swamy

Flanked with Shridevi and Bhoodevi thayar makes outstanding features. Moolavar statue was made up of salak village and so we did turmeric abhisheka every day. Urchavar appears from the Brahma yaham and so he is called as “ Yakgyavarahar”. Thirumagal and Nilamagal aligned with him to grant people.

Like Salak village, Pushkaram, Naimisaranyam, Pathirikachramam of North India and Thiruvarangam, Thirupathi, Vaanamamalai of South India, Srimushnam has three idols as self-existing idol(Suyambu Moorthi) which add pride to that place.

Redeemer of the Earth

As per Varaha Avatar (wild boar), Maha Vishnu rescued the Earth from the monster Hiranyaksha. The Purana history said that he hold onto the earth that was hidden inside the ocean with his laniary and positioned in space. He made a peepal tree through his one-eye vision and Tulsi plant through other eye vision. The peepal tree he made was placed behind the temple on the South shore of Nithyapushkarani pond. It performs as “sthala vriksham”. An ancient sivalayam with Pragan Nayaki Sametha Nitheeshwarara sitting posture was also placed there.

srimushnam bhu varaha swamy temple sculpture

Child Boon

People who take bath in Nithyapushkarani pond, round the Peepal tree, and then worship the Bhuvaraha wholeheartedly will definitely grant with child. It is also believed that getting the Santhana Krishna idol from the temple and worshiping with their lap will be blessed with a child.

On the North side surrounding the Perumal shrine, a quote singing Andal shrine is placed. Goddess Maheswari and Samundi Varahi, Saptha Matha temple were seen. Devotees worship these goddesses and lighten the lamp before the Kulanthai Amman shrine near Neem Tree. Udaiyavar shrine, Senai Mudhaliyar shrine, and Vedanta Desigar shrine are located around the temple.

On the South side, Ambujavalli thayar with a separate shrine with the sitting posture facing East blesses the people. Ambujavalli Thayar is the one who incarnates as a daughter of Karthikayini sage and marries this Perumal at the place of Valayamadevi. Devotees who worship god and goddess will grant with child boon, get rid of the fear of hostility and work prohibition as proved.

The significance of this temple is explained in the books of Skanda Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Vishnu Purana, and Shrimath Bhagavatham.

srimushnam bhuvaraha swamy temple saptha matha

Religious Harmony

Compared to other places, this temple has a special feature. Yes that’s to respect religious harmony. During the 15 days festival of this temple on the “Maasimaha Day”, Lord Urchavar takes abode at the place of Killai, a coastal village near Chidambaram. At there when the Perumal reaches the opposite side of the Mosque(Dargah), Muslim people give rice, flowers, and fruits and respect them. After that god stayed at the inn named Saurashtra Sathiram in Bhuvanagiri, where people of all religions worship God without religious differentiation.

Nerthikadan (debt for the fulfilled prayers)

People bring Thulasi garland, and lighten nei deepam for Perumal when their prayers become true. Apart from these devotees also provide turmeric, pure white clothes for God. Some people make prasad and give to god as a Naivedyam and then distribute it to all people. Rich people provide Annathanam for devotes.

Koraikilangu Prasad

The special feature of this temple is Mustha Sooranam, a koraikilangu prasad.

Srimushnam Bhuvaraha Swamy incarnates as a boar. Koraikilangu is the favorite food of boar avatar. For that reason, Koraikilangu prasad is given here.

srimushnam bhu varaha swamy temple inside view

Srimushnam Varaha Swamy Temple Timings

Morning: From 07:30am to 12:30am
Evening: From 04:30pm to 08:30pm

This timing will be changeable during the festival days. Lodge(rooms) facilities and Annathana for the devotees who stayed there are provided freely by the temple administration.

Srimushnam Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple Contact Number: +91-4144245090

Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple Address

Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple, Srimushnam, Kadalur – 608 703.

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