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Devipattinam Navapashanam Navagraha Temple History, Timings

Read Devipattinam Temple History in Tamil

Navagrahas – the Nine Deities

In Hinduism, it is believed that Navagrahas are nine deities, who can influence human life on Earth. These Navagrahas constitute the Hindu Astrology and they include:

  1. The Surya

Surya, the Sun God is considered as the leader of the Navagrahas and the colour related to the Sun God is Orange. The day associated with it is Sunday.

  1. The Chandra

Chandra, the Moon God is of ultimate importance as people belonging to Hinduism follow Lunar Calendar and the colour associated with him is White. The day associated with it is Monday.

  1. The Rahu

Rahu is considered as the Shadow Planet and is responsible for the eclipse of the Sun God, the Surya. The colour linked to the Rahu is Ultra Violet.

  1. The Kedhu

Like Rahu, Kedhu is also considered as the Shadow Planet and is responsible for the eclipse of the Moon God, the Chandra.

  1. The Shukra

The Deity of the Planet Venus is the Shukra, the instructor to the asuras (demons). The colour linked to the Shukra is White. The day associated with it is Friday.

  1. The Shani

Shani, the Deity of the Planet Saturn is worshipped as the God of Justice and the colour associated with him is Black. The day associated with him is Saturday.

You can reduce Shani Dosha or Shani Dasha by chanting Shani Chalisa.

  1. The Guru

Guru Graha also known as Brihaspati is the God of the Planet Jupiter. The day associated with it is Thursday. The colour related to him is Yellow.

  1. The Mangal

Mangal, the God of Anger is the name for the planet Mars or Red Planet and hence the colour associated is Red. The day associated with him is Tuesday.

  1. The Budh

Budh is the God associated to the Planet Mercury and the colour related to him is Green. The day associated with it is Wednesday.

devipattinam navapashanam navagraha temple entrance

Devipattinam Temple History

In ancient times, an asura named Mahishasuran tortured the deities of Heaven with the boon he received. Shattered in fear, the deities appealed to the Goddess Parashakti to save them. Upon the request of the Deities of the Heaven, Goddess Parashakti came to fight with the Demon Mahishasuran. The Demon got scared of the Goddess and hides in Chakra Theertha in Devipattinam. Parashakti dries the Chakra Theeratha by her power and destroys Mahishasuran. Rejoiced upon the destruction of Mahishasuran, the deities showered the Goddess with Elixir. Thus, Devipuram became Devipattinam.

Incarnation of Rama

Ravana, the Monarch of Sri Lanka meditated towards the God of Creation, Brahma and as a result of it he received a boon that he cannot be killed by Devas and Asuras. But, Ravana did not mention about humans and this is the caue behind the incarnation of Rama.

Ravana lured Sita, wife of Rama and imprisoned her in Ashokavanam and Rama came to the rescue of Sita. As the customs and traditions say, it is necessary to perform a puja towards Ganesha and Navagrahas before doing anything. Thus, Rama worshipped Ganesha in a place which is presently called UppurVeilukandaGanesha in Ramanathapuram district and came to worship Navagrahas in Devipattinam which is 15km away.

devipattinam navapashanam navagraha temple pathway

Navapashanam Temple Special Features

  • The Navapashana Navagrahas are located amidst the calm sea
  • What adds more speciality is the Navagrahas were made by Lord Rama with nine handful of sand
  • The beauty of the place is that devotees can anoint the Navagrahas with their own hands
  • This is the place where Lord Rama rectified his ShaniDosha
  • It is believed that if we visit this Temple once, our sins of previous births will be forgiven
  • Here is where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi gave blessins to Lord Rama and hence they have rised here as SoundaryaNayaki alongside Thilakeshwarar
  • Devipuram located in the south, surrounded by sea is also called as Devipattinam and is where the Lord Rama built bridge to reach Sri Lanka to rescue his wife Sita
  • Those who wish to make PithurTarpana can do it here

Devipattinam Tempe Festival

The Temple celebrates festival for 10 long days during the Tamil month “Aadi” (Mid – July to Mid – August). A Static states that nearly 1 lakh devotees come here to offer their prayer during this festival.

In the same way, a large number of devotees assemble here to pray during Thai (January) No Moon Day.

Devipattinam Temple Timings

Devotees can offer their prayer all the days of a week from morning 4.30 to evening 6.30 at the Devipattinam temple.

devipattinam navapashanam navagraha

Devipattinam Navagraha Temple Address

6/49, Chinnapalli St, Devipattinam, Tamil Nadu 623514

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