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History of Dussehra Festival

Vijayadashami is also called Dussehra (meaning tenth day) in the north and west of India, and is celebrated with great joy.

Dussehra celebrations have a long history and are believed to have their origin in several legends.

When Is Dussehra?

In India, ten days of celebrating Durgapuja are observed in Ashvayuja (September-October) during the first half of the month. Vijayadashami (Tenth Day of Triumph) is the title given to the tenth day.

When Is Dussehra in 2023?

It is believed that on this day the Hindus celebrate the 10th day of Ashvina, a month that overlaps with the months of September and October.

In 2023, Dussehra will be celebrated on 5th October (Wednesday).

Why Is Dussehra Celebrated?

During Dussehra, the Hindus celebrate with great enthusiasm. One of India’s best festivals occurs in October. At this festival, the forces of good triumph over the forces of evil.

Dussehra’s origins can also be traced back to the epic Ramayana. According to conventional wisdom, Rama’s killing of Ravan plays a significant role in the celebration.

Rama, the divine incarnation, spent fourteen years in exile under his father’s orders in the epic. While Rama and his wife Sita lived under this hardship, Sita was abducted by the ten-headed Ravana, leading to many hardships for Rama and both of them.

Ram (the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) killed Ravan on the same day as Dussehra in Satyug, who had abducted Sita. Rama fought ten days to rescue his wife with the help of his brother Lakshman, his follower Hanuman, and a monkey army.

Due to the devotion of Lord Rama, Dussehra has been more associated with the worship of Goddess Durga than Lord Rama. There is another meaning of the word “Dussehra”, which is “Dasa-Hara”, which means that Lord Rama cut off the ten heads of Ravana. In Northern India, Dussehra commemorates Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana.

How Dussehra Is Celebrated In Different States Of India

Across the country, Dussehra is celebrated in different ways. Parts of the rite are devoted to good triumphing over evil, honoring gods and goddesses. The greatest significance of Dussehra, however, lies in Lord Rama’s victory over demon king Ravan in the Ramayana, the great Hindu epic

There are melas and Ramlilas, which enact scenes from the Ramayana. There is an enactment of Ravana Dahan on the 10th day. Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbakara’s effigies are afterwards burned.

In addition to food stalls, games stalls, Ferris wheels, and other fun activities, the melas are held at various Ramlila grounds across the country. Popular celebrities attend the Ramlila celebrations and light up the celebration areas with bright lights.

It is considered as Durga puja by people in West Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha who wear red sarees and wear vermilion to mark the end of the festival. Bengalis celebrate this occasion by immersing their idols in water bodies and singing traditional songs.

India’s Best Places to Celebrate Dussehra 2023

  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • West Bengal
  • Bihar

Dussehra Wishes

Have a good Dussehra, may the chains of evil be broken, and may you and your family be blessed with health and happiness. I wish you a happy Dussehra 2023!

In celebration of Dusshera, we celebrate the triumph of good over evil. We become inspired by the example of goodness. Greetings for Dussehra!

The forces of good have triumphed over the forces of evil. Celebrate the start of a new year on this auspicious day. 2023 Happy Dussehra to you all!

In Vijay Dashami, everyone should do shubh avsar. Apke aur parivar ke jivan mein sukh, samradhi, and shanti bharde. Have a wonderful Dussehra 2023!

Good work can be started on this auspicious day. The good overcame the bad today. Your life should be free of any hurdles on this day. May you have the energy to start a healthy life. 2023 Best wishes for Dussehra!

Wishing you and your family a happy, prosperous, joyful and prosperous Dussehra. Wishing you a joyous Dussehra!

We wish that the effigy of Ravna burns along with your worries. Best wishes for your success and happiness! A very happy Dussehra to you!

Hindu culture is gaining strength with each passing generation, as it has been for centuries. Happy Vijaya Dashami! 2023

I wish you a happy Dasara. Wishing you a year full of smiles, and happy times! Happy Dasara to you.

As you celebrate this auspicious event, I wish you all the color, beauty, and bliss of this festival during the coming year! I wish you a happy Dussehra!

I wish you the best of luck and happiness on this special day as you celebrate your valor and courage, and your triumph over evil. I wish you a happy Dussehra! 2023

Dussehra Quotes

On this auspicious day, let us celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Wishing you a happy Dussehra in 2023

Dear friends, I wish you the happiest of Dussehras. May Dasara 2023 be prosperous for you

May Shri Ramji bless you with all happiness and love for your family. 2023 Happy Dussehra to all of you.

Wishing you success and happiness in all you do on this special day… Happy Dussehra!

With the passage of time, Hindu society has become grounded and grounding. Let’s keep building on this. Sending Dussehra wishes to all

This is a time to celebrate, a time to celebrate the triumph of good over bad, a time to show the world what is possible when good triumphs. We should continue in that spirit. I wish you a happy Dussehra.

On this Dussehra 2023, may Ram Bhagwan bless you with a lot of happiness and joy in your life.

As the effigy of Ravan burns, may all the tensions in your life also burn. I wish you happiness and satisfaction always. I wish you a happy Dussehra!

Dussehra Greetings

The path shown by Lord Rama leads to the victory of truth over demonic ways. May we always remember the lessons we’ve learned. Happy Dussehra 2023 to you and your family!

The good overcame the evil, and it is time to celebrate. We should continue this way. Happy Dussehra 2023 to all of you!

Wishing you a life filled with devotion, determination, and dedication during this Vijayadashami. Wishing you a happy Vijayadashami in 2023!

I wish you the same success as Lord Ram in eliminating all evil from the earth by destroying Ravan. I wish you a joyous Vijayadashami.

I wish you a wonderful Dussehra filled with happiness and positivity. Dussehra to you all!”

We wish you a happy and prosperous Dussehra. I hope your worries will ease soon! Ravana will purify all negativity. Happy Dussehra 2023

May Lord Rama bless you with success and success in all phases of your life. I salute Shri Ram. I wish you a happy Dussehra! 2023

I pray that Lord Rama showers happiness and success upon you on this auspicious occasion of Dussehra. Wishing you a very happy Dussehra!

We wish you and your family a Happy Dussehra! Best wishes to you and your family on Dussehra.

May you develop all the qualities of Lord Rama; Be an ideal son, a perfect brother, and an ideal spouse. Dussehra to you all! 2023

As a final note, I would like to wish you success in receiving your Dussehra wishes, status updates, SMS, and messages in 2023

Wishing you all the best for your Dussehra celebrations. Thanks for reading, and if you found anything helpful in this article, share it and do comment below.

Happy Dussehra Images

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