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Kethara Gowri Viratham

Kedara Gowri Vratham Story in English

It is believed that the Goddess Parvati has achieved the left side of the body of the Lord Shiva by worshipping Lord Shiva through the Kedara Gowri Fasting and hence the Kedara Gowri Fast or Kethara Gowri Viratham is considered as an important ritual for all the devotees of the Lord Shiva. Here, we are yet to see the history behind the Kedara Gowri Fast and step by step procedure to follow the fasting.

Kedara Gowri Vratham Procedure

Kedara Gowri Fasting is observed in honour of the Lord Shiva. Those who wish to observe this fast should fast for Twenty-one days in remembrance of the Goddess Parvati and worship the Lord Shiva. This fast begins on the Tamil month of Puratasi that is Mid-September and ends on the day of Diwali. Twenty-one days fasting does not mean being without food. That is to say, instead of eating during the day, it is special to finish the puja at the end of the day and have only the things that are presented to the Lord Shiva during the Puja and drink the water. If possible, every day, sesame seeds, raisins, bananas, betel leaves, etc., which are offered to the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati, should be made one by one and the devotional service should be recited by lighting the incense lamp.

The people who are fasting should get up early in the morning, have bath, complete their Sandhyavanthanam, and after that they must worship the Lord Shiva at home or in a temple with a twenty-one-thread made to form a lingam. The devotees should come with flowers and water and tie each knot every day with great reverence. This must be done with the utmost maturity and devotion.

Finally, when making the twenty- first day bracelet, the previous year’s bracelet should be removed and the new bracelet must be tied. The bracelet thread tied last year and the lingam made out of thread should be disposed into the water levels. This fast is to be followed for 21 years. But, some people might follow this fasting for a lifetime.

It is believed that those who observe this fast properly will surely get a good and excellent life and good fortune and the interventions in one’s marriage will be consummated in a good way. Not only that, it is also believed that unmarried women will get good husband and the married women who does this fast gets benefited as it is believed to increase their husband’s lifetime.

Kedara Gowri Vratham Story

There is a story behind the Kedara Gowri Fasting. In the past, thirty-three gods, the Lord Brahma, Naradhar and forty-eight thousand Rishis worshiped both the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. The Bhringi sage who came there at that time worshiped only Shiva and left without worshiping the Goddess. On seeing this, the Goddess Parvati questioned the Lord Shiva as “Why didn’t the sage worshipped me?” On hearing this, the Lord Shiva smiled and said, “Goddess! Bhringi Sage does not need any privilege. He who only wanted Moksha left you and worshipped only me.

The goddess in excitement questioned “Really?” The Lord Shiva went to the sage and said, “Ah! Bhringi Sage! The blood in your body, the flesh, etc, are mine. So give them away.” Immediately, the sage Bhringi shed the muscle, fibre and blood in his body.Due to the lack of blood, Bringi’s body was paralyzed and unable to walk. Lord Shiva looked at the stumbling Bhringi and said, “Oh Bhringi Sage! Are you crazy?” The Sage replied him that is his love for him.

Immediately Lord Shiva took a spine and gave it to the sage Bhringi as a crutch. The Bringi sage who bought it sat on it and walked to his ashram. Seeing this, the Goddess Parvati could not bear the insult and became angry with Lord Shiva and left the heaven and went to the Earth. Then she reached the ashram of Sage Gautama and sat in the shade of a tree. All the flowers in the ashram of Sage Gautama, which had withered due to lack of rain, blossomed with the arrival of the Goddess. Beautiful flowers bloomed and the fragrance permeated the entire ashram.

When the Sage Gautama came out in amazement to see his ashram suddenly blossoming and smelling beautiful, he saw the Goddess Parvati sitting under a tree and went near her “Mother! Lokamata! Why did you come to my ashram? ” he asked politely.

On hearing what has happened in heaven from the Goddess the Sage said “Goddess! There is a good fast on earth. That is called as the Kedara Gowri Fasting. If you practice it, you can reach Lord Shiva. Here are the rules. You can hear! ” He also laid down the rules for the Kedara Gowri Fasting.

The Goddess Parvati started practicing the Kedara Gowri Fasting. The Lord Shiva also accepted the Goddess and gave her the left side of his body and immersed everyone in a sea of ​​happiness by giving the scene as Arthanarisvara.

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