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Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem – History, Timings & Address!

Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem

🛕 Kothandarama Temple is located in Ayodhyapattanam in Salem District in Tamilnadu. Here Rama is seen in a Pattabhisheka Kolam. It is located about 10kms East of Salem on the Tiruppattur / Athur – Vriddhachalam highway. It was built during Tirumala Nayak period in 17th Century AD.

Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem Legends

🛕 The story goes that at the conclusion of the battle with Lankan king Ravana, Rama came here and stayed along with Sita for a day. On the request of Vibheeshana, he is believed to have provided darshan in a Pattabhisheka Posture as a result of which Sita is seen to the left of Rama at this temple. Vibheeshana is seen standing opposite Rama and Sita offering his prayers to them and in a posture of invoking their blessings.

Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem History

🛕 It is located on a 1 ½ acre area; the temple was built during the rule of Tirumala Nayak in the 17th Century AD. On the Eastern entrance is a 5 tier 150 feet high Raja Gopuram. As one enters the prakara of this temple, there is a spacious Maha Mandapa where one finds pillars of good workmanship. One finds several artistic sculptures inside the temple that dates back to the Nayak Period.

🛕 On the North Eastern corner of the mandapa are three musical pillars. Cornices and Horse Pillars are reminiscent of the Madura Style of Tirumala Nayak period. On a single pillar on the Eastern corner are Dasavathara carvings.

🛕 Four figures carved in the Maha Mandapa are believed to represent Tirumala Nayaka, his wife and two sons. On the upper wall of the Maha Mandapa are several Mooligai Paintings. A unique feature at this temple is that Rama is seen in a sitting posture with his left leg placed on his right thigh. Alongside Rama and Sita inside the sanctum are Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna and Anjaneya. Utsavar idol is Kothandarama.

Temple Car

🛕 In centuries gone by, the temple had Vahanas of Anjaneya, Horse and Elephant as well as a palanquin. The 20feet high wooden chariot is currently in a dilapidated condition.

Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem Opening Time

🛕 The Temple is open from 7am – 12 noon and 5pm – 8.30 pm.

Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem Festivals

🛕 10day Rama Navami and Hanuman Jayanthi are celebrated in a grand way at this temple.

How to Reach Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem?

🛕 This place is well connected to Salem by Road. Direct buses every 15 minutes to the temple from the Salem Old bus stand. One can also take Thirupattur & Athur/Vriddhachalam bound buses to reach Ayodhyapattanam (will take 45minutes from Salem New Bus Stand).

🛕 Nearest Railway Station is Ayodhyapattanam Railway Station. Train No. 1603 Chennai Egmore – Salem Express stops at Ayodhyapattanam Railway Station (530am). From Salem Junction, auto will cost Rs. 200-250(one way). Nearest Airport is located at Trichy & Coimbatore.

Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam Salem Address

Kothandarama Temple,
Ayodhyapattanam, Salem District,
Phone: 98948 70206/ 80981 21383.

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