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Kumarasthavam Lyrics – Blessed by Pamban Swamigal

Pamban Swamigal Kumarasthavam

Kumarasthavam Lyrics in English

1. Om Shanmuga Pathayame Namo Namaha
Om Aarumuga Thalaivanuku Vanakam

2. Om Shanmatha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Aaru Samayangalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

3. Om Shatkreeva Pathayame Namo Namaha
Om Aaru Thirukazhuthukaludaiya Thalaivanuku Vanakam

4. Om Shatkreeda Pathayame Namo Namaha
Om Aaru Kreedangalai Aninthulla Thalaivanuku Vanakam

5. Om Shatkona Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Aarukona Sakkarathil Ezhuntharuli Irukum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

6. Om Shatkosha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Aaru Thothira Noolgalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

7. Om Navanithi Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Onbathu Vagaiyaana Selvangalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

8. Om Subanithi Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Perinba Selvathin(Mukthiyinbam) Thalaivanuku Vanakam

9. Om Narapathi Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Arasar Thalaivanuku Vanakam

10. Om Soorapathi Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Devargal Thalaivanuku Vanakam

11. Om Nadasiva Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Nadanam Aadum Sivanin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

12. Om Shadakshara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Aarezhuthu Thalaivanuku Vanakam

13. Om Kaviraaja Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Kaviyarasar Thalaivanuku Vanakam

14. Om Thabaraaja Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Thavathinaruku Arasaana Thalaivanuku Vanakam

15. Om Igapara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Immai Inbathaiyum Marumai Inbathaiyum Alikum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

16. Om Pugazhmuni Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Thirupugazh Paadiya Munivaraagiya Arunagirinaatharin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

17. Om Jayaja Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Miguntha Vetriyudaiya Thalaivanuku Vanakam

18. Om Nayanaya Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Mikka Nanmaiyum Inbamum Tharum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

19. Om Manjula Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Azhaguruvaana Thalaivanuku Vanakam

20. Om Kunjaree Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Devakunjaree Enum Dheivaanai Ammaiyin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

21. Om Vallee Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Valliyammai Thalaivanuku Vanakam

22. Om Malla Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Marporil Valla Thalaivanuku Vanakam

23. Om Asthra Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Kaividu Padaigalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

24. Om Sasthra Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Kaividaa Padaigalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

25. Om Sasti Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Sasti Thithiyil Amaintha Kantha Viratha Thalaivanuku Vanakam

26. Om Ishti Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Velvi Thalaivanuku Vanakam

27. Om Apetha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Vetrumaiyatra Thalaivanuku Vanakam

28. Om Soobotha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Meyngyanam Arulum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

29. Om Vyuha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Senaigalin Padai Vagupu Thalaivanuku Vanakam

30. Om Mayura Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Mayura Nathanuku Vanakam

31. Om Bootha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Bootha Veerargalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

32. Om Vetha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Vethangalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

33. Om Puraana Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Puranangalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

34. Om Praana Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Aanmaavin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

35. Om Baktha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Adiyaargalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

36. Om Muktha Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Paasa Banthangalinindrum Vidupattavargaludaiya Thalaivanuku Vanakam

37. Om Agaara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Agaaram Enum Viyati Piranavamaai Vilangum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

38. Om Ugaara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Ugaaram Enum Viyati Piranavamaai Vilangum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

39. Om Magaara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Magaaram Enum Viyati Piranavamaai Vilangum Thalaivanuku Vanakam

40. Om Vigaasa Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Nirainthulla Iraivanuku Vanakam

41. Om Aathi Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Ellavatrirkum Mutharkaaranamaagiya Thalaivanuku Vanakam

42. Om Boothi Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Sagala Ishwaryangalin Thalaivanuku Vanakam

43. Om Amaara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Maaranai Eritha Thalaivanuku Vanakam

44. Om Kumaara Pathaye Namo Namaha
Om Kumaaranagiya Piraanuku Vanakam

Sri Kumarasthavam Mutritru

pamban swamigal kumarasthavam

Benefits of Kumarasthavam

The above lines Kumarasthavam was written by Pamban Swamigal. You may see and read this slogan before. But few people know the importance of this Kumarasthavam.

The song was sung on praying to Lord Murugan and begging him to shower his blessings. It is the short form of Kantha Puranam. It contains 44 lines. While reading this pronounce the word ‘Nama’ as ‘Namah’.

Recite the above song daily after stopping the intake of meat permanently. At first recite these lines one time in the nearer Murugan temple on the days of Tuesday, Krittika nakshatra day and Sashti tithi day. If not Murugan temple is located, recite once a time in the Murugan shrine placed on the Shiva temple.

After that recite eight times in front of the Murugan picture or Murugan idol at home. Then recite the slogan once a time every day. If don’t have a Murugan picture or idol, bring a brass vel (Lord Murugan’s weapon), Personify the vel as Lord Murugan and recite the above-mentioned slogan.

The vel you bought will not be beyond 21 times your thumb finger’s height. It could be good to have less than one inch. Wash it every day, it is good to put viboothi, santhanam, kumkum, and pray. It’s okay not to perform abhisheka everyday.

Pour five oil, put lotus stem thread (thamarai thandu nool) lighten two lamps and recite the slogan. It creates a magical power. Recitation results are good quickly. You may bring the vel with you wherever you go. You can get Murugan’s blessing. The lines which describe this was mentioned as,

Anju Mugam Thondrin Aaru Mugam Thondrum
Venjamaril Anjalena Vel Thondrum Nenjil
Orukaal Nenaikil Irukaalum Thondrum
Muruga Vendrothu Vaarmun.

If we get Lord Shivan’s blessing, we can get Lord Murugan’s blessing also. Don’t be afraid on the big battlefield, Murugan’s Vel is with you and gives support to you. If we think of Muruga from the heart, he will bless you in this incarnation as well as in your reincarnation.

Recite the slogan everyday. Hesitation, all type of enemies, and voodooism will be removed permanently from your life, and had a peaceful life with the blessings of Lord Murugan without any doubt.

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