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Lord Shiva Moola Mantra

Shivan Moola Mantra

The Mantra which easily removes the problems from our life Ancestors said that among the three Moorthies, we can get a boon easily only from Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva removes the sufferings of devotees who worship him wholeheartedly.

In this case, if we tell the Moola Mantra while worshipping God it will give strength to our prayers.

Shiva Moola Mantra Lyrics

Siva Siva Enkilar Theevinai Yaalar
Siva Siva Endrida Theevinai Maalum
Siva Siva Endrida Thevarum Aavar
Siva Siva Enna Sivakathi Thaane!

This mantra was blessed by Thirumoolar and is admired as the Shivan Moola Mantra. People who suffer from long-term sadness, uncontrollable money problems, unrecoverable diseases, and peacelessness have to recite this moola mantra 108 times every day will free themselves from all their problems. If not able to recite it every day, recite this mantra on Monday.

Worshipping Shiva

People who say “Shivaya Namah” won’t get suffer from problems. This is said by a tamil slogan as, “Sivaaya Nama Enkiravargaluku Abaayam Oru Naalum Illai”. Lord Shiva is considered Tamilan’s primary god. He removes all our bad characters, sins, and negative thoughts from us and fills our life with happiness. Shiva is the god of providing Mukthi and Moksha.

Tamil Siddhas consider and worship Lord Shiva as the primary god. Thirumanthram is a book that contains wonderful philosophy and wisdom concepts written by Thirumoolar. He is the one who wrote the Moola Mantra for Lord Shiva in the Tamil language.

Days for worshipping Lord Shiva

Although we may worship Lord Shiva on any day. It is better to worship him on the days of Shivan’s favorite days like Monday, Monthly Shivarathiri, and Prathosha days. Tell this Moolamantra according to your ability and praise the Lord from the deep of your heart. How many times you tell means the blessings you got from him.

Benefits of Shiva Moola Mantra

• When we tell the Shiva’s Moolamantra we will get rid of the sinful deed and get good vibes.
• Relieve from the Pitru Dosha.
• To remove the curse of our clan(family), to remove the sins of our ancestral birth.
• Resolves the financial problem and multiplies the money.
• Cures the diseases sooner.
• Makes health stronger and thoughts smarter.
• Protects from the dangerous effects of enemies.
• Blessed child for the married people who worried and prayed for a child born.

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