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Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Thanjavur – History, Timings & Address

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Thanjavur

🛕 Mahishasuramardhini Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga located in Ammangudi near Kumbakonam Town in Thiruvidaimarudur Taluk in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu. Though it is a temple known for the Durga shrine, the main shrine is that of Lord Kailasanathar. Ammangudi is also known as Rajarajeswaram and Devi Tapovanam.

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Thanjavur Legends


🛕 Mahishasura was wearing a Lingam around his neck. Devi took that Lingam from his severed neck and installed in Ammangudi and called it by the name Kailasanathar. She then went on a penance for 12 years in Ammangudi to atone for the killing of Mahishasura, though he was an evil force. She installed the Vinayaka idol for her to go on with her penance without interruption. At the end of the twelfth year Kailasanathar appeared before her and told her that the evil effects of the killing of Mahishasura have vanished and he instructed her to remain in Ammangudi to protect the devotees. Because Devi herself chose this place to perform her penance, the place came to be called as Ammangudi.

Papa Vimochana Theertham

🛕 According to a legend, Goddess Durga, after killing Mahishasura, had her holy dip in the river Cauvery and reached Ammangudi. Devi washed her trident that she used for killing Mahishasura in the Pushkarini in Ammangudi. Since Devi herself washed her trident in this Pushkarini, the Pushkarini came to be called as Papa Vimochana Theertham.

References in Skantha Puranam

🛕 There is a reference in Skantha Puranam, a famous Tamil poem about this temple and reference about the Goddess Durga.

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi History

🛕 Ammangudi was the place where the chief Commander of army of Rajaraja Chola I, Krishnarama Brahmarayan lived. The temple was consecrated by him in 944 A.D., according to the stone inscription found on all the three sides of the sanctum sanctorum. During the Chola period, this place was known both as Ammangudi and Rajarajeswaram. During the time of Rajaraja Chola I (985-1014 AD); this place was known by one of the titles of Rajaraja, Keralaandhaka.

The Temple

🛕 The Temple is east facing with an entrance arch. Though it is a temple known for the Durga shrine, the main shrine is that of Lord Kailasanathar. Generally, Durga Shrine in a Shiva temple is generally seen on the Koshta wall. Here she is in a separate shrine facing East. Perhaps this is one of the few shrines with east facing Durga. She is called as Durga Parameswari / Mahishasuramardhini. She sits on her Lion mount with eight hands with various weapons, but the Mother sports a calm demeanor.

🛕 Since Devi herself presides over the Navagrahas, there is no separate shrine for Navagrahas in the Temple. However, the Sun and Sani are installed in prakaram. The Sun in this temple is unique. He is in the form of a child wearing the Thandai (Jewel worn on the ankles). The idol of Goddess Saraswathi is also unique as she is seen without the Veena in her hands. She is called as Yoga Saraswathi. She draws devotees especially those with children who want to excel in academics.

🛕 Lord Ganesha of this Temple is made up of Salagrama Stone. Usually Vishnu Idols are made up of these stones. He turns colour from green in the morning to blue in the noon and again green in the evenings. His trunk (Thumbikai in Tamil) does not lie on his belly; it is with small perforations and is slightly away from the body. The Ganesa holds a Japa Mala (one used during prayers) and hence he is called as Tapas Maragatha Vinayakar.

🛕 There are also shrines for Lord Subramanya along with his consorts Valli & Devasena, Parvathy, Dakshinamurthy, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Brahma and Vishnu in the Temple premises. Theertham associated with this Temple is Papa Vimochana Theertham.

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Opening Time

🛕 The temple remains open from 07.30 am to 12.30 pm and 04.00 pm to 08.00 pm.

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Festivals

🛕 Maha Shivaratri, Margazhi Thiruvadhirai, Panguni Uthiram, Karthigai, Navaratri and Durga Ashtami are the festivals celebrated here. Eighth day of Navaratri Ashtami day. there is a festival called Sura Samharam done by Goddess. Special Pooja held on every Tuesday, Amaavaasai, Full moon day for the devotees for their marriage problem. Pooja on every Tuesday and Ashtami day for reducing Ragu Kethu Dhosham. Every Friday, there is a special pooja for getting rich. Every Monday, there is a special pooja for the devotees who wants child. To get reduce from disease, win in court cases, and for jobs devotees can attend Raghukala pooja on every Tuesday. Devotees, who attend Special pooja on every Saturday, will get long life.

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Prayers

🛕 Devotees pray here to get relief from sins and to be blessed with child boon. This temple is famous for special poojas for Sin and Dhosham. More parents take their children to this temple to worship Yoga Saraswathi before admitting their children in to school to get more knowledge and get concentration on education. People pray to Vinayaga of this Temple to get rid of Naga Dosham.

How to Reach Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi?

🛕 The Temple is located at about 4 Kms from Thiruneelakkudi, 10 Kms from Nachiyar Koil, 12 Kms from Thiruvidaimaruthur, 12 Kms from Thiruvidaimaruthur Railway Station, 13 Kms from Kumbakonam Railway Station, 14 Kms from Kumbakonam Bus Stand, 15 Kms from Kumbakonam, 57 Kms from Thanjavur and 110 Kms from Trichy Airport. Bus Number 15 and 23 from the Kumbakonam Town Bus Stand ply up to Ammangudi village via Uppiliappan Koil.

Mahishasuramardhini Temple Ammangudi Address

Mahishasuramardhini Temple,
Ammangudi, Thiruvidaimarudur Taluk,
Thanjavur District – 612 202
Phone: +91 435 246 7167
Mobile: +9194430 46255 / 94439 32983.

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