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History of Onam Festival

The Onam Festival is one of the most important festivals in Kerala, India. Onam is celebrated as part of the harvest festival. It usually begins in mid-August and lasts until mid-September, which is during the month of Chingam (in the Malayalam calendar).

What Is Onam What Is The Meaning Of Onam?

Each year, Kerala celebrates Onam to commemorate their favourite king’s arrival. Mahabalis festival serves to acknowledge the sacrifices he made during his reign, as well as the good times during those times.

The Onathappan, who are honoured every year as a beloved king, are welcomed every year with many arrangements.

When Is Onam Celebrated?

In Kerala, Onam is celebrated for 10 days in August and September to honour King Mahabali’s golden rule.

When Is Onam This Year in 2022?

In 2022, Onam will be observed on the seventh and eighth of September.

During these ten days, the Onam festival displays Kerala’s culture and beauty in a remarkable and amazing way

Where Is Onam Celebrated Onam Is Celebrated In Which State?

King Mahabali visits “Kerala” at Onam, so it is a festival celebrated in his honour.

When Onam is celebrated, Kerala opens up to tourists in a completely new world of exotic flavour, exquisite aromas, and an enchanting display of beauty.

During the festivals, the exciting beat of the music will make your soul and body dance.

Why Is Onam Celebrated?

A celebration of King Maharani, the legendary king who ruled over Kerala, Onam or Thiruonam was originally celebrated in Kerala during the months of August and September for ten days.

Legend holds that the Gods plotted to end the reign of King Mahabali because they were jealous of his popularity and power. Their plan was to have Lord Vishnu come to the earth by trampled Mahabali’s foot in the afterlife.

When Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Vamana, a dwarf of the Brahmin race, he met King Mahabali. Vishnu’s fifth avatar is supposed to be Vamana. Vamana offered the king three pieces of land when asked what he wanted.

He appeared before all three worlds after his wish was granted. Lord Vishnu was deeply impressed with King Mahabali’s benevolent act shortly before he reached heaven.

During the Onam holiday, he was granted his wish to visit his kingdom.

The celebration of Onam commemorates King Mahabali’s return to his kingdom.

Lord Vishnu however granted the king his only wish that of visiting his people and land once a year.

Which Flower Is Known As Onam Flower?

Chethi or Flame of the Woods: This flower is considered the official flower of Onam due to its appearance in the floral rangoli, which adds to the appeal of the entire process.

Thumba or Ceylon Slitwort:  The tiny white flowers are used in Pookalam preparations on the first day of Attam.

Chemparathy: or hibiscus is another red flower that can be used for making Pookalam

How to Celebrate Onam?

God’s own country is transformed into a cheerful spectacle as the festival of Onam unfolds.

In the courtyards of the houses, people place a flower carpet, called ‘Pookalam’, to welcome the King, and there are statues to represent Mahabali and Vishnu.

The festival concludes with a lavish feast known as Sadhya, which includes snake boat races and other traditional rituals.

A cup of sugary Payasam finishes off the sumptuous meal served on banana leaves.

How to Dress Up For Onam?

People clean their houses on the 10th day of Onam, apply rice flour batter on the main entrance, wear traditional clothes, veshtis, and sarees, and enjoy the Sadhya feast.

A white, off-white, or cream saree with a golden border is the traditional dress of women during the festivals. Men also wear a white-coloured mundu or dhoti with kasavu border combined with a shirt or kurta.

Happy Onam 2022 Quotes & Greetings

“It’s Onam time!” Then, let us rejoice in the spirit of the harvest festival. Enjoy the auspicious festival of Onam by decorating your house with pookalams and listening to melodious Onappattus!” Happy Onam 2022!

We have enjoyed celebrating Onam together each year. It is still warm in my heart to remember the good holiday time despite being a mile from it. My best wishes for a very happy Onam to you and your family! Happy Onam 2022!

As it is the Lord’s special day to show everyone his faith and throw doubts away, Onam is not an ordinary day. Happy Onam 2022!

During Onam, people are reminded to appreciate the presence of God all around them.”

We pray until the next Onam festival that we will have a blessed year ahead filled with colourful pookalams, lively songs, delicious feasts, including prayers for a blessed year to come. I wish you a happy Onam!”

Happy Onam 2022 Wishes

May the blessing of King Mahabali be with you!

Homecoming is celebrated during Onam!

Happy Onam to you all! Wishing your health, happiness, prosperity, and fun.

I hope that this season will bring you good luck, peace of mind, happiness, and everything you wish! Happy Onam 2022!

Greetings of plenty, colour, and festivity during Onam. The best of luck to you in the years to come. Wishing you a happy Onam!

I hope your life is filled with happiness, success, and abundance on Onam. Thank you for the Onam greetings. Happy Onam 2022!

This Onam, I may be far away, but your presence will never leave my heart.

My family and I wish you a happy Onam.

It is still warm in my heart to remember the good holiday time despite being a mile from it. Wishing you a very happy Onam in honour of those moments with your family! Happy Onam 2022!

As we all remember and cherish the good old days when we flourished, may you be blessed with good fortune, happiness, and success in the future! Happy Onam 2022!

During this auspicious time, may your life be filled with prosperity and fulfilment.

Wishing you a very happy Onam.

OUR Heartfelt Wishes for this Onam of Love & Laughter. Happy Onam 2022!

Happy Onam Images

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