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Pandur Aadhi Vaithiyanatha Samy Temple, Mayiladuthurai District Kumbhabheiskham on 20.8.2023

Aadhi Vaithiyanatha Samy Temple, Pandur



Aadhi vaidyanatha Swamy temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva located in Pandur village 8km north west of Mayiladuthurai in Mayiladuthurai district of Tamilnadu. The presiding deity is Shri Aadhi vaidyanatha Swami and His consort is called as Balambikai.

There are five Vaidyanatha Swamy temples around Vaideeswaran koil known as pancha Vaidyanatha Swamy kshetrams and this temple is one among them. It is believed that this temple was constructed before the present vaidyanatha Swamy temple in vaideeswaran koil hence the moorthy is called as Adhi vaidyanatha Swami. The temple finds reference in Keerthi Thiru Agaval of Thiruvachagam sung by Sri Manickavachaga swamigal, one of the four famous Saivaite apostles.


It is said that after Mahabharatha yuddha pancha Pandavas was cursed by Gandhari to get afflicted by the skin decease. To get it cure lord Krishna advised pandavas to worship lord vaidyanatha on the banks of river cauvery. When they are nearing mayiladuthurai the Cauveri belt, all the five developed a Pandu Rogam, and because of that they could not even stand and walk.

Lord Krishna appeared before them as lord Vishnu and said this is the correct place to do the worship. Hence near the cauvery they searched for the temple and found the Siva Iinga in the village. They took bath in kaveri and worshiped the Sivalinga for 45 days and got rid of from the skin disease. Hence this village was called Pandur, and named the worshiped shivalinga as Vaidyanatha Swami.

As lord Krishna appeared here and guided the Pandavas to get cure from the disease Vishnu the presiding diety at the Perumal temple is known as Sri Pandava Sahaya Swamy whose temple is in the Western side of the village pandur.



This temple is facing towards east with an entrance arch. The entrance arch has images of lord shiva and Parvati flanked by Nandi’s and bodhaganas. Balipeedam and Nandi can be found immediately after the entrance facing the Lord. Before the Sanctum sanctorum are Ardha mandapam and Mahamandapam.
Bala Vinayaka and Bala Muruga are at the entrance of the maha mandapam.

Also the main shrine is surrounded by Dakshinamurthy, Prahara Ganapati, Subramanyar, Durgai and Chandikeshwarar. A separate sannadhis for Saneeswarar facing East and Suryan, Swetha Bairavar facing West is also there. Mother is called Balambigai and she is housed in a separate shrine with south facing in the Mahamandapam. It is also believed that Harichandra worshipped lord Shiva in this temple to get rid of his debts.

In memory of this event Kadan Nivarthi Pooja is performed on the third Saturday of chithirai Month. Emperor Nala who was affected by karkodaka because of saneeswarar curse, worshiped this Shiva before worshipping Karkodakanathar in Kodangudi which is 10 km away from this temple. Hence there is no Navagraham in this temple. Only saneeswaran has got a separate sannadhi facing East.


Panguni Uthira Brahmotsavam, Navaratri Shivratri and monthly pradosham, are regularly celebrated. Special pooja on every transit of Saturn and Jupiter are performed here.



By worshipping all the five vaidyanatha Swami shrines in a single day is believed to relieve devotees of all their chronic Diseases.



With the efforts of the village people, village native people and with the blessings of KANCHI KAMAKOTI PEEDATHIPATHY SRI SRI SRI SHANKARACHARYA SWAMIGAL, THE MAHA KUMBABISHEKAM OF SRI BALAMBIKA SAMEDHA AADHI VAIDYANATHA SWAMI TEMPLE AT PANDUR VILLAGE NEAR MAYILADUTHURAI with other deities is proposed to be performed on the Tamil month Aavani 3rd of Sobakruthu year, Sunday 20th August 2023 Chaturthi thidhi, Hastha nakshatram at the auspicious time morning 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. simha lagnam SHIDHI VINAYAKA AALAYAM, and between 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Kanya lagnam SREE BALAMBIKA SAMEDHA AADHI VAIDYANATHA SWAMI maha kumbabishekam will be held in the presence of all the devotees and HR&CE authorities and other elders and learned people.

We are also Live Streaming Coverage on Sunday August 20th from 7 a.m to 11 am:

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Mr.Radhakrishnan President Pandur Shivan Temple +91 9444533738
Mr.Ramanathan Secretary, Pandur Shivan Temple +91 9282233044

We invite all the devotees to contribute generously and attend the function to take the blessings of the lord. Please Find Kumbhabheiskham Invitation:

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G Radhakrishnan
Committee President

Aadhi Vaithiyanatha Samy Temple Address

4JM5+HR9, Pandur, Tamil Nadu 609203

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