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Pathangeeswarar Temple Palur Kanchipuram – History, Timings & Address!

Pathangeeswarar Temple Palur Kanchipuram

🛕 Pathangeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Palur Village near Chengalpet town in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. Presiding deity is called as Pathangeeswarar and Mother is known as Brammarambigai (Vandarkuzhali Mangai). This is one of the very old Pallava, Chozha and Kadavar period Shiva temple on the north side of River Paalar. Palur was once called as “Thirupathangadu”.

Pathangeeswarar Temple Palur Kanchipuram Legends

🛕 There are many Tamil inscriptions found around the Sanctum and front artha mandapam walls. Suryan (sun) worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple to get cleansed from the graha dosham as per the advice of Lord Vishnu. Suryan is also known as Pathangan, Parithi, Baskaran, and Aathithan. Since Suryan, Pathangan worshipped Lord, he is called as Pathangeeswarar and the place was called as Thirupathangadu.

Pathangeeswarar Temple Palur Kanchipuram History

🛕 The temple is facing east. While entering the temple arch, there is a vast open space on both sides. Nandhi and Balipeedam are in front of a small 2nd level Rajagopuram. There is no Dwajasthambam. Vinayagar, Ambal, Suryan, Kalabairavar, Navagrahas, Sandikeswarar Sannadhis are located in the outer prakaram. There was no Navagraha Sannadhi during old period and the present Navagraha Sannadhi was built during recent years.

🛕 In koshtam, Idols of Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbhavar, Brahma and Vishnu Durgai are located. Ardhamandapam can be accessed via east side mandapam through south side entrance. In the inner prakaram, Sannadhi for Murugan with valli and Deivanai and Naalvar are located. The Murugan has six faces sitting on his vahanam peacock with Ohm arch behind. All this are chiseled from a single sand stone. 

🛕 Murugan Sannadhi is on the left side facing north (A rare position). Latter addition of walls, his vahanam and Pali peedam are forced to the outer prakaram. The additional wall constructed also obstructs the direct circumference path to Moolavar Karuvarai. Sundarar Idol is not matching the regular moortham available in many temples. (Headgear – greedam – is missing.).

🛕 The Idol of Sundarar was installed in the old period. Originally Naalvar was in the outer prakaram and latter brought inside- During this period the moortham might have changed. An abandoned relief of a warrior in the ground on southeast corner of the temple outside compound wall – This is a Nadukal who ends his life by cutting his head through his own sword. The practice is called Navakandam.

🛕 There is no regular Dwarapalakars and the recent period sudhai Dwarabakars in standing posture. Moolavar looks majestic with Nagabarana Alangaram. Amman Vandar Kuzhali is in a separate temple facing east in standing posture. Her vahanam simam is in front. Amman is with four hands with Rudrakshamala, Kamandalam in the upper hands and abhaya and Vara Hastham in the lower hands. Theertham well is dry now and was not utilized for long period.

How to Reach Pathangeeswarar Temple Palur Kanchipuram?

🛕 Palur is located on the Chengalpattu to Kanchipuram route. The Train from Beach Stop to Tirumalpur passes through Palur. Lot of buses both private and Government buses are available to reach Palur from Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram and Arakonam.

Pathangeeswarar Temple Palur Kanchipuram Address

Pathangeeswarar Temple,
Palur, Kanchipuram,
Mobile: 044 27437011.

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