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Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai – History, Timings, Festivals & Address!

Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai

🛕 Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple is a Hindu Temple located near the Sanskrit college in Mylapore in Chennai City in Tamilnadu. The Temple is also called as Bhadra Kali Amman Temple. The Temple is one of the most important temples of Mother Goddess in Chennai. The Temple is located very near to Mundaga Kanni Amman Temple. Many say that this is the original Kali of the Kapaleeshwarar Temple.

Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai History

🛕 The temple is definitely old (not the current structure), but it is not known how old it is. The Utsava deity of Kali that is found in the temple is ancient though.

The Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai

🛕 This Temple is originally a village temple. The sanctum enshrines two Goddesses; the gigantic Bhadra Kali and Kolavizhi. Kali has eight arms and is in the sitting posture. The presiding deity of the temple is Pattu Kolavizhi Amman, a form of Sakthi with excellent eyes. Amman is armed with weapons in her hands to kill the fear and evil, the thali (Mangal sutra) which Amman wearing here is really a big in size and the Dharshan of the thali is believed to relive the hurdles in marriage. Kolavizhi Amman is considered as the guardian deity of Mylapore village.

🛕 She is even referred as Mayurapuri Grama Devata. The deity in this temple is Suyambhu in form, she is known for her love and affection towards her devotees. She is also known as Chocolate Amman. The main sanctum has the Amman in a small Ugra Roopam and towering above her is the Shanta Swaroopa Ananda Kolavizhi Amman. All Abhishekams are for the Ugra Roopam and the Shanta swaroopam gets only an oil coating, it is a very arresting Idol.

🛕 On entering the temple, Vinayagar can be seen beneath the combination of peepal and neem tree and the other side of the tree Anjaneyar is seated in a separate sannidhi. There are also other deities like Pachai Pattu Kolavizhi Amman, Aparna Kali Amman, Ananda Kolavizhi Amman, Mangala Kali Amman, Naga Devta, Ayyappa, Dhakshinamoorthy and Kailasa Kabali in the Temple.

🛕 Seven bricks representing Sapta Matas as well as a new sub-shrine for Sapta Matas are also found. It should be noted that Indrani is replaced with Nagendri among the Sapta Matas. In ardha mandapam, Ganesh and Murugan idols are located. Four big relief images are new addition to the temple. They look attractive and noticeable. They are Ganesh, Murugan, Karuppanna Swami and Valmiki.

🛕 This is one of the few temples of Chennai where Valmiki Rishi is found. The temple has only limited number of shrines; however, it is spread across a vast area. Probably, many sub-shrines might be built in the future. This is the typical way of village temples getting expanded and imitate the main stream temples.

Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai Festivals

🛕 Kolavizhi Amman is the power of protection for Mylapore and during the Panguni festival (March-April) Amman gets the first pooja to ensure the safety of the carnival Amman leads the Arupathimoovar festival and makes the journey smooth for Kapaleeshwarar and Karpagambal. The other important festivities include 1008 milk pots carried by the devotees for Amman, and as usual Aadi has its own importance here.

Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai Prayers

🛕 The lid of well is locked with hundreds of locks offered by the devotees. They believe that the Goddess would relieve them from the legal issues if they offer locks to her. It is believed that worshippers at this temple will be cured of all diseases and being blessed for peace & prosperity.

How to Reach Pattu Kolavizhi Amman Temple Mylapore Chennai?

🛕 The Pattu Kolavizhi Amman temple is situated at Mylapore (near Sanskrit College) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Temple is located very near to Mundaga Kanni Amman Temple. The Temple is located at about 100 meters from Mundaga Kanni Amman Koil Railway Station, 200 meters from Sanskrit College Bus Stop, 750 meters from Mylapore Bus Stop and 700 meters from Mylapore Railway Station.

🛕 Mylapore is located a few kilometers to the south of the British-built Chennai city. It lies between Triplicane and Teynampet in the west then across to the coast in the east. It is bounded by Royapettah to the north. Its southern frontier corresponds roughly with that of the River Adyar. It extends for around 4 km from north to south and 2 km from east to west.

🛕 Mylapore is in the heart of Chennai city and is linked with local trains and bus facilities. Mylapore is located at about 5 Kms from Triplicane, 3 Kms from Teynampet, 2.5 Kms from Royapettah, 6 Kms from Adyar, 6 Kms from T Nagar, 3 Kms from Marina Beach, 3 Kms from Santhome, 3 Kms from Alwarpet, 5 Kms from Nungambakkam and 7 Kms from Kodambakkam.

🛕 Mylapore is connected to other parts of the city by MTC buses, with connections including Chennai Central, T. Nagar, Tambaram, Broadway. Mylapore is located at about 10 Kms from Koyambedu Bus Terminus.

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