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Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore – History, Timings & Address!

Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore 

🛕 Poomalai Appar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to village deity Poomalai Appar located in Neivasal Village in Thittagudi Taluk in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu. Presiding Deities are Poomalai Appar, Semmalai Appar and Muthu Karuppan. The temple is situated on confluence of Chinnaru River and Vellaru River.

Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore Legends

🛕 As per legend, once, seven fisherman from Pennadam came here to catch fish at confluence of the rivers. They came at midnight thinking it as early morning. It is believed that gods from this temple used to venture out for hunting and play. When the gods noticed the fishermen, they got angry and cursed them to lose their eyesight. Realizing their folly, the fishermen and begged for forgiveness to the gods. The gods felt pity and restored their eye sight. In memory of this event, their heirs installed the idols of seven fisherman in this temple. Even to this day, their heirs worship Poomalai Appar and offer fishing net every year.

Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore History

🛕 The temple is situated amidst groves at the confluence of Vellaru and Chinnaru Rivers. Presiding Deities are Poomalai Appar, Semmalai Appar and Muthu Karuppan. Poomalai Appar and Semmalai Appar are considered as brothers. All the gods are housed in their respective shrines. There are shrines for Konga Karuppu, Siddhanathar, Kulla Karuppu, Pachaiyamman and Murugan in the temple premises.

🛕 There is a shrine for Veeranar outside the temple premises. He is considered as the guardian deity of this temple. This Shrine is situated at about 50 meters from the main temple. Devotees need to worship him first and then only enter the main temple. The temple has seven idols of fisherman in its premises.

Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore Festivals

🛕 Mondays are Fridays are considered as auspicious days for worship.

Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore Prayers

🛕 People pray to Muthu Karuppan to get relief from diseases, for child boon, to get back the lost items and to get relief from legal disputes.

How to Reach Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore?

🛕 The temple is located at about 2 Kms from Avinankudi Bus Stop, 8 Kms from Pennadam, 9 Kms from Pennadam Railway Station, 9 Kms from Thittagudi, 86 Kms from Cuddalore and 107 Kms from Trichy Airport. The temple is situated on Virudhachalam to Thozhuthur Route. Share Autos are available to reach this temple from Avinankudi Bus Stop.

Poomalai Appar Temple Neivasal Cuddalore Address

Poomalai Appar Temple,
Neivasal, Cuddalore,
North Street, Sevveri,
Tamil Nadu 606111.

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