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Ratnagarbeswarar Temple Thandarai Thiruporur – History, Timings & Address!

Ratnagarbeswarar Temple Thandarai Thiruporur

🛕 Ratnagarbeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located in Thandarai Village in Thiruporur Taluk in Kanchipuram District in Tamilnadu. This Temple is also called as Kunteeswarar Temple. Presiding deity is called as Kunteeswarar or Ratnagarbeswarar. Mother is called as Kamakshi or Swarna Kalikambal. 

Ratnagarbeswarar Temple Thandarai Thiruporur Legends

🛕 According to Mythology, Kubera and his consort came to this Ratnagarbeswarar, seeking refuge when his wealth was under siege. When Chandi becomes black after drinking the blood of the asuras she kills, she prays to her Shakthi within herself to get the black colour changed to a golden hue, thus becoming Swarna Kalikambal. So it is said that those who have problems in inheriting their due wealth or having skin ailments will get solace by worshipping Ratnagarbeswarar and Swarna Kalikambal.

Ratnagarbeswarar Temple Thandarai Thiruporur History

🛕 Ratnagarbeswarar Shiva temple alias Kunteeswarar Temple is located at Thandurai (now called as Thandarai) 10 kms off the Uttaramerur – Vandavasi road. The reliefs around the temple are also amazing. Than Thurai (water body) implying Kanchipuram flooded with Vegavathi, Parvathi hugging Shiva is well crafted on the side wall.

🛕 Also are interesting the mystic indication of Chandrasekhara sitting on the bull by just showing a mere crescent moon above nandi. There are a few rare inscriptions in Tamil and Telugu on the walls of the Kunteeswarar temple. The later Chola inscriptions and those belonging to the period of Kampanna Udayar (a Vijayanagar king) and the Nayak reign show the transactions that took place in Kancheepuram during those days. The Nayak kings renamed the village Seetharama Puramu. The Telugu inscriptions on the lintel are testimony to this fact.

🛕 Even though the renovation work is on, it’s not easy as the vegetation had gone deep into the walls between the Arda Mandapa and Maha Mandapa. The Perumal temple adjacent to this Shiva Temple was pulled down due to ignorance of its ancient heritage.

How to Reach Ratnagarbeswarar Temple Thandarai Thiruporur?

🛕 Thandarai is a Village in Thiruporur Taluk in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu State, India. It is located 63 Kms towards East from District headquarters Kanchipuram and 43 Kms from State capital Chennai

Ratnagarbeswarar Temple Thandarai Thiruporur Address

Ratnagarbeswarar Temple (Kunteeswarar Temple),
Thandarai, Uthiramerur,
Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu,
Phone: 9786981466.

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