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Shree Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple in Velachery

Sree Ayyappan Guruvayurappan Temple Velachery

🛕 The Velachery Ayyappan Temple is located at Dhandeeswarar Nagar in Velachery. It is in proximity to the famous Dhandeeswarar temple. The temple has Sree Ayappan and Shree Guruvayoorappan as moolavar (presiding deity) along with Upadevadas followed with Shree Maha Ganapathy and Shree Durgai Amman.

Rituals – Timings

🛕 The temple opens at 6 AM in the morning, starting with Ganapthi homam and followed by other Poojas as per the Kerala temple ritualistic methods. During Mandala time the Pooja timing change. Other important happenings during the Mandala season are devotees wearing mala to initiate the Vritham in the presence of Lord Ayyappa, Bajhans, Sarana gosham, Annadhanam and Velakku Pooja.

🛕 Apart from the seasonal eventualities the temple has its regular and popular offerings like Thulabharam (an offering to the lord with equivalent of one’s own weight), Annapraasam (first rice feeding ceremony) and Vahana Pooja.

Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple Offerings and Sevas

  1. Ganapathy Homam
  2. Bhagavathy Seva
  3. Ashtabishekam
  4. Ayush Homam
  5. Mrithyunjeya Homam
  6. Chandana Kaapu
  7. Thulabaaram
  8. Annapraasam
  9. Rahu Kaalapooja
  10. Palpayasam, Neipayasam
  11. Neeranjanam
  12. Mangalyasooktham
  13. Swayamwara Pushpaanjali
  14. Santhana Gopalam
  15. Ayushsooktham
  16. Saraswathasooktham
  17. Baghyasooktham
  18. Ikyamathyasooktham
  19. Dhanwandarisooktham
  20. Sudharsanasooktham
  21. Pushpaanjali
  22. Vahana Pooja
  23. Mala Pooja / Kettu Nira
  24. Venna/Avil/Thirumadhuram
  25. Nirapara

How to Reach Sree Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple?

Air: The nearest airport is Chennai Airport.
Train: The nearest railway station is Velachery Railway Station.
Road: The nearest bus stop is Velachery Vijayanagar Bus Stop.

Sree Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple Timings

🛕 The Shree Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple is open from 06:00 am to 10:30 am and from 05:00 pm to 08:30 pm.

Sree Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple Address

Shree Ayyappan Guruvayoorappan Temple,
New No: 7 {old no:0/2}, 4th cross street,
Dhandeeswarar Nagar, Velachery,
Chennai – 6000042.

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