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Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai – History, Timings & Address

Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai

🛕 Thirumarainathar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Thiruvathavur near Melur in Madurai District of Tamilnadu. The Temple is situated on the Northern banks of Vaigai River. Presiding Deity is called as Thirumarainathar / Vedhanathar / Vedapureeswarar and Mother is called as Aranavalliammai / Vedha Nayagi. The Temple is almost 1000 years and considered as Thevara Vaippu Sthalam. The place is also considered as Birth place of Manikavasagar, the great Saivite poet.

Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai Legends


🛕 When Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva here, a musical Shruthi called Vethaham emanated from the foot anklet of Lord Shiva and so he is called Vedhanathar.

Lord Shani worshipped Lord Shiva to get relief from Muscle Pain

🛕 Lord Sani Bhagavan (Planet Saturn) was relieved of muscle pain due to curse, given the sage called Maandavya after worshipping Lord Siva of this place. All types of paralysis diseases are said to be cured here.

Lord Shiva explanation to Lord Vishnu on Vedas

🛕 This is the place where Lord Shiva explains to Lord Vishnu that the Vedas are none other than me.

Vedapureeswarar and Aaranavalli Thaayar

🛕 This is the place where, Lord Shiva and Goddess Meenakshi Amman, transformed as the Vedapureeswarar and Aaranavalli Thaayar, respectively.

Place supposed to be cause of the birth of Lord Hanuman

🛕 This is the place, supposed to be the cause of the birth of Lord Hanuman (the son of Lord Vayu Bhagavan).

Sage Kabila relieved from his curse here

🛕 This is the place where the sage Kabila relieved from his curse, called Veerakathi.

Lord Kala Bairavar relieved his Vahana here

🛕 This is the place, where the Lord Kala Bairavar relieved his Vahana called Suvaana, because of his thinking that all is none other than me.

Agni Bhagavan relieved from his curse here

🛕 This is the place where, Agni Bhagavan (the god of fire) relieved from his curse, attaining his former status, which was due to the curse of the sage Brighu.

Aaranavalli Thayar

🛕 This is the place where, Goddess Parvathi Devi had appeared in the Yaga (ritual of holy fire) of Lord Brahma (creator of lives), as goddess Aaranavalli Thayar, and resides here.

Sage Gowthama worshiped Lord Shiva here

🛕 This is the place where, the sage Gowthama worshiped and attained all the glories.

Lord Yama worshiped Lord Shiva here

🛕 This is the place where, Yama Dharma (the god for taking back the lives of all creatures) worshiped and attained the blessing of the lord Shiva.

Araja worshipped Lord Shiva

🛕 This is the place where Araja, the daughter of sage Brighu, worshiped and attained the immortality.

Vayu Bhagavan attained all the wealth and immortality here

🛕 This is the place where, lord Vayu Bhagavan had attained all the wealth and immortality, when he had been taken birth as Nathasarma, in his previous birth.

Purusha Mirugam

🛕 This is the residing place of Purusha Mirugam, which had been created as the guardian deity for the Pandavas, when they had engaged in their Rajasooya Yagna, by the lord Vishnu.

Rajasekara Pandiyan

🛕 This is the place, in which (temple) the king of Madurai of the ancient past, called Rajasekara Pandiyan had done a lot of holy activities, and he was considered to be the cause for the “Changing the leg while dancing” of Lord Nataraja, who is in dancing posture. This is considered to be the cause for the birth of Satrunjaya Pandiyan, who was the son of Mahasena Pandiyan, of the king of ancient Madurai.

Brugu Rishi curse on Lord Vishnu

🛕 After defeated by Asuras (Demons), Lord Vishnu protected all Devas. Asuras went to Brugu Rishi and Kavyamatha. Lord Vishnu requested Kavyamatha to handover all Asuras to him, for that Kavyamatha did not oblige. Lord Vishnu beheaded her using his Chakra. Brugu Rishi, cursed Lord Vishu and said, “You will have many incarnations in this world, and in one of the incarnations, you would suffer without your wife for some time”. To get the curse cured, Lord Vishnu came to Vedapuri (now Thiruvathavur) and worshipped Lord Shiva by reciting Shiva Panchatcharam.

The Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur History

🛕 The temple has a South facing five tiered Rajagopuram with 2 praharams. Presiding Deity is called as Thirumarainathar / Vedhanathar and Mother is called as Aranavalliammai / Vedha Nayagi. Both Lord and Mother are facing east. Lord is a Swayambu Moorthy. It is said that cow’s foot print is seen in Shivalingam here. There are shrines of Chinthamani Ganapathy, Kaleeswarar, Viswanathar, Vyagrapathar, Pathanjali, Sundarar, Manickavasagar in the temple premises.

🛕 Theertham associated with this Temple are Kabila, Brahmma, Purushamrigam and Bairavar Theerthams. The temple tank has a unique sphinx idol in the middle. It is called as Purusha Mirugam. This can be seen in very few temples. When there is a draught, special prayers are offered to this Purusha Mirugam for rains. Sthala Vriksham is Magizha Tree.

Birth Place of Manickavasagar

🛕 Manikkavacakar was a 9th century Tamil poet who wrote Tiruvasagam a book of Shaiva hymns. He was one of the main authors of Saivite Thirumurai, his work forms one volume of the Thirumurai, the key religious text of Tamil language Shaiva Siddhanta. A minister to the Pandya King Varagunavarman II (862 C.E. – 885 C.E.) (also called Arimarthana Pandiyan), he lived in Madurai. His work is a poetic expression of the joy of God-experience, the anguish of being separated from God.

🛕 Although he is a prominent saint in Southern India, he is not counted among the sixty-three Nayanmars. Manikkavacakar is said to have born in Vadhavoor (Thiruvathavur, nearby Melur in Madurai district), seven miles from Madurai on the banks of river Vaigai. The birth place of Manickavasagar is situated at about 400 meters from the Temple. There is a small temple housing Manickavasagar in the sanctum. The Guru pooja takes place on the Maha star day of the Tamil month Aani.

Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai Opening Time

🛕 The Temple remains open from 06:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai Festivals

🛕 Vaikasi Brahmmotsavam and all other Shiva related festivals are celebrated here with much fanfare.

Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai Prayers

🛕 Devotees also pray here for getting a child and marriage pariharam. There is a belief that visiting this temple three times in subsequent weeks and doing certain procedures(Abishekam) to god and applying the blessed oil on affect parts like leg and hands will give relief to the stroke.

How to Reach Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai?

🛕 The Temple is located at about 9 Kms from Melur, 19 Kms from Thirupuvanam, 20 Kms from Thirupuvanam Railway Station, 25 Kms from Madurai, 22 Kms from Madurai Mattuthavani Integrated Bus Terminus, 27 Kms from Madurai Periyar Bus Stand, 27 Kms from Madurai Railway Station and 35 Kms from Madurai Airport. Regular Buses are available from Mattuthavani Bus Stand (direct bus).

Thirumarainathar Temple Thiruvathavur Madurai Address

Thirumarainathar Temple,
Madurai District – 625 122
Phone: +91 452 234 4360.

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