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Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswami Temple

Praise Lord Shiva of the South;
Praise God of all Nations!
[Thennadudaya Sivane Potri;
Ennatavarkum Iraiva Potri]

Name of Shiva Sthalam Vajrastamba Nathar Temple Thirumazhapadi
Moolavar Vaithiyanathaswamy, Vajrasthamba Nathar, Vayirathoon Nathar, Vachirathambeshvarar
Sthala Vriksha Palm Tree
Amman Azhakammai, Sundarambigai, Balambigai
Theertham Kollidam, Lakshmi, Sivaganga Theertham
Agama/pooja Kamika Agama
Purana name Mazhuvadi, Thirumazhapadi
Place Thirumalapadi
District Ariyalur

Thirumazhapadi Shri Vajrastamba Nathar Temple

Lord Shivan in Thirumazhapadi Temple is called as Vajrasthamba Nathar (Vachirathambeshvarar, Vaithiyanathaswamy, Vayirathoon Nathar) Amman (goddess) is called as Azhagammai (Sundarambigai, Balambigai). The shiva linga (idol of Shivan) in this temple is taken from Brahmalogam by Purushamirugam. He consecrates the idol in this place, do poojas and worships it. Brahma came there to get back the Shivalinga, but he couldn’t able to move it a little, however, he tried hard. Indhiran got amazed and tell“Is it a diamond pillar”(Vayirathoon). And so Lord Shivan in this temple is called as Vayirathoon Nathar.

This incident was described by Thirunavukkarasar in his poetry as, “Maraikalantha mazhapadi Vayirathoone”. Thirugnana Sambanthar described it as, “Varintha venjilai ontru udaiyan mazhapadiyai purinthu kaithozhumin vinaiyayina pogumae” (those who worship the Vayirathoon nathar will free from all their sins).

Mazhavar troops, a group belonging to Cheras camped here during the Chola period to help them. For that reason, this place is called as Mazhapadi. Another reason behind this is, Lord Shivan dances with Mazhu (a weapon like an axe) for the Saint named Markandeya. So it is called as Mazhuvadi [Mazhu+ Aadi (dance)] After that it was twisted as Mazhapadi.

Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswami Vajrasthambanathar

Structure of the Thirumazhapadi Temple

This temple has a Rajagopuram (big tower) with seven tiers facing east. After entering the entrance we can see the Flagpole (Kodi Maram), Nandhi and an altar (Balipeedam). After passing the second tower a mahal namely Alangara Mandapam is located. There two Nandhi shrines are placed. Agora veerapathirar, Vinayaga, Muruga are placed in the surrounding of the Sanctom. After the third entrance, we can reach the Maha Mandapam.

Together with Somaskanthar temple and Sanctum, this temple seems like a big temple. Moolavar Vaithiyanathaswamy’s Shiva Lingam (idol) was consecrated and worshipped by Purushamirugam. This temple is so unique as Indhiran, Thirumal are worshipped here. It has two Ambal (goddess) shrines. Balambiga shrine is placed facing south side. On the west round of the Sanctum, Lord Muruga with Valli & Deivanai has been seen.

Sthala Vriksha of this temple is the palm tree. The pond in this temple has a medicinal quality. It is believed that those who take bath in this pond will cure skin-related diseases. Not only this, devotees who have to fulfill their Nerthikadan for Vaitheeswaran temple near Mayiladuthurai may fulfill in this temple. It is also a speciality of this place.

Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswami Temple Sthala Vriksham

Marriage for Nandi

Saint Silatha decided to arrange a marriage for his son Seppaser (Nandhideva) who gets all the boon from the god. And so he married Suyasadevi, granddaughter of saint Vasishta. Marriage functioned at the place of Thirumazhapadi on the month of Panguni (tamil month of march & April) in Punarpoosa Nakshatra day. Still now the marriage function (Urchavam) was celebrated at Thirumazhapadi every year in Panguni month. On this occasion of marriage Nandhidevar, people of the surrounding area & other area people participated. Followed by this, the Ezhur Valam function was celebrated on Chithirai month in Thiruvaiyaru.

River Kollidam was named here as Utharavahini facing Northside. Among the 276 shiva temples which get Shivan’s Devaram, this temple has the 54th place (Devarathalam).

Sundarar make a pilgrimage to the Shivan temples in Chola empire, he make a rest in Thiruvalampozhil. At that time a voice asking, “Sundara, Did you forgotten me?” was heard. Sundarar was shocked and found this voice is Lord Shivan’s. He asked his co-disciple that, “Is there any Shivan temple located nearer?”. They told that Mazhapadi has one shiva temple.

He reached Thirumazhapadi temple and sing a song on Vajrasthamba Nathar with the theme of “who else can I think of by forgetting you”.

Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswami Temple inside view

Worshipping: People who suffer from severe disease take bath in the pond of this temple and do Abisheka for Vaithiyanathaswamy.

Nerthikadan (debt for fulfilled prayers): People who suffer from severe fever will provide Rasamrice with parboiled rice for Joorahar.

Thirumazhapadi Vajrastamba Nathar Temple

Maha Shivaratri, Ippasi Annabisheka( Abisheka with rice) Thirukarthigai.

Thirumazhapadi Temple Timings

Vaidhyanathaswami Temple in Thirumazhapadi opens from 06:30 am to 12:30 pm and in the Evening from 04:00 pm to 08.30 pm.

Thirumazhapadi Vaidhyanathaswami Temple contact Number: 9843360716 (S.Ganesha sivachariyar), +91 4329243282, 9790085702, 9750302325.

Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswami Temple Amman Entrance

How to go to the Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswami Temple?

This Shivan temple has located at a 13 km distance from the northwest direction of Thiruvaiyar. From Thanjavur through Thiruvaiyar, Thirumanoor we can reach this temple. From Trichy, bus facilities are
provided through Pullambadi. On Ariyalur – Thiruvaiyaru road,at the kezhapazhuvur has a route to Mazhapadi.

Thirumazhapadi Temple Address

Sri Vachirathambeshvarar Temple,
Thirumazhapadi post,
Ariyalur district,
PIN- 621851.

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