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Thirupampuram Temple History (Paampuranathar)

Thirupampuram Pampunathar Temple

Once when the Lord Ganesha was worshipping the almighty, the Lord Shiva in the temple, the serpent around the neck of the Lord Shiva was proud enough to think that the Lord Ganesha was worshiping him. So the Lord Shiva got angry that he cursed the entire Naga race suffered a lot as they lost all their powers. So the world-bearing Adiseshan, Rahu, Kethu and other Naga races did not lose all their power. They asked the Lord Shiva for the absolution of the curse and he blessed them to get rid of the curse by worshiping him on the day of Shivaratri at the place called Thirupampuram / Seshapuri.

Similarly, under the leadership of the Adiseshan, the Nagas worshiped Kumbakonam Nageswara in the first Sama of Shivaratri, Thirunageswaram Naganatha in the second Sama, Thirupampuram Pamburanatha in the third Sama and Nagore Naganatha in the fourth Sama.

pampuranathar thirupampuram

Thirupampuram Rahu Kethu Temple

Thirupampuram is a place of remedy for Rahu – Kethu Dosha. Devotees will receive all the blessings and benefits that they can get from visiting the Naga Dosha remedy places like Kumbakonam, Thirunageshwaram, Nagore, Kalahasti and Keelapperumpallam by worshipping the Lord Shiva in Thirupampuram temple.

This place is the third temple of the four places to worship on the night of Shivaratri. Thirupampuram is a place of innumerable glories. It is the place where Aditya, the Lord Brahman, the Goddess Parvati, the sage Agathiyar, the God Sun etc. worshipped the Lord Shiva, the place where the curse of the Lord Indra was absolved, the place where the sin of the river Ganges was absolved and the place where the curse of the Lord Moon was also absolved.  

It is the 122nd shrine out of the 276 shrines to receive the devotional song of the Lord Shiva (Thevaram Thiruthalangal).

If the devotees have the serpent dosha in the horoscope, if there is an 18 year old Rahu Tasa, if there is a 7 year old Ketu Tasa, if there is Ragu or Kethu in the 2nd of Lagna in the horoscope, if there is a Rahu or Kedhu in the 8th of Lagna in the horoscope, if there is a Rahubhukti,  Kethubhukti, putra dosha, they can come to this place and also to get rid of the dreams of frequent snake bites by bathing in the Adisesha Theertham and make amends as the temple priest leads the way.


Thirupampuram Temple Architecture

The main temple tower of this temple has three stages and the temple faces east. The Adisesha Theertham is just opposite to the main temple tower. Worshipping Pambureswarar of this Thirupampuram Temple, removes all kinds of Naga Doshas. The main God Pambureswarar is seen facing east with his naga shield. The Goddess is displayed with a lotus flower in one hand and a Rudraksha garland in the other with the abhaya seal.


The Sattanathar Sanctorum and the Malayiswarar Sanctorum in this temple are very special. The Lord Ganesha, Rajaraja Ganesha Sanctorum, Thevara Muvar Sanctorum and Saneeswaran Sanctorum are the other Sanctorums here. The place where another song was sung called Thiruveezhimizhalai is nearby from here. It is said that the temple vimana of the Thiruveezhimizhalai temple can be seen from a certain place in the precincts of this temple.

It is said that there is a snake sanctuary inside the temple even today. It is said that on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays the scent of jasmine or hyacinth wafts into the Thirupampuram temple and at that time the snakes can be anywhere inside the temple and it is also said that the snakes do not bite anyone. 


The book written on this temple by Thirugnana Sambandhar is mentioned in the 1st Thirumurai. In the last song of his entry, Thirugnana Sambandhar mentions that “those who read this native record will live well with the wealth of fame and beauty and will eventually reach the Lord Almighty”.

Thirupampuram Temple Timings

Opening Hours: Morning 07:00 am – 12.30 pm and in the Evening 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.


Thirupampuram Temple Address

ArulmiguPambureswarar Temple, 
Thirupampuram, Surakkayur Post, 
Kudavasal Circle, Thiruvarur District 
PIN Code – 612203.

Thirupampuram Temple Contact Number: +91 435 246 9555 , +919443943665 , +919443047302


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