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Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple History

Read Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple History in Tamil

Visiting Temples and worshipping Gods purify our souls and make us feel fresh and peaceful. Spirituality always has an important place India. Each and every Temple in India holds a History behind. Here, we are going to learn the history of Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple, which is located in Thiruvakkarai near Thindivanam in Villupuram. This Temple is one of the sites mentioned in Thevara Songs.

Vakrakaliamman Temple Thiruvakkarai

The Demon Vakrasuran had been killed by an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Varadaraja Perumal. Vakrasuran’s sister Demoness Tunmuki was destroyed by the Goddess Vakrakaliamman. During the annihilation, the Demoness Tunmuki was pregnant and killing a child is not allowed in Dharma Shastra. Hence, the Goddess Vakrakaliamman held fetus in Tunmuki’s womb as a kundalini in her right ear and destroyed her. As the Goddess annihilated the Demon Vakrasuran’s sister Tunmuki, she raised there as Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman.

Even after the annihilation, the Goddess was in anger. Adi Shankara came and calmed Kali. He consecrated the Sri Chakra on her left foot. As the Goddess Vakrakaliamman is the Goddess of the Navagrahas Rahu and Kedhu, this place is meant for Vakra Shanthi. People should come in orbit around the God like 5 times from the right side and 4 times from the left.

thiruvakkarai vakrakaliamman temple entrance

Statue of Thiruvakkarai Shri Vakrakaliamman

Usually the Kali temples will be located on the outskirts of the town but, Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple is different. Here, the Temple is located in the middle of the town near the entrance gate of the royal tower. The Statue of the Goddess Vakrakaliamman is stunning. The crown of the Vakrakaliamman is decoraded with skull and the background theme is based on fire. The Goddess Vakrakaliamman holds affection, the wheel, the sword, the vampire and the skull in her right hands. She wears the skulls of her enemies from her shoulders down to the chest as a garland.

thiruvakkarai vakrakaliamman temple navagraha statues

The Prayer at Vakrakaliamman Temple

People worship Lord Shiva of this Temple to get peace of mind, to remove the Navagraha Doshas, ​​to get rid of the obstacles of prosperity, to get rid of the original sins, to get rid of the Putra Doshas, ​​to get rid of the sin Doshas and ​​to get rid of the obstacles of doing things successfully.

The main Goddess of the Thiruvakkarai Temple Shri Vakrakaliamman is worshipped to get rid of Vakra Doshas and Horoscope Doshas. The Devotees who are unmarried and childless worship this Vakrakaliamman for prosperity.

It is a custom for those who have not been married for a long time to tie a Thirumangalyam rope and light a lamp made of lemon to the Goddess Deepalakshmi, who is in front of the Kali Sanctuary. Devotees believe that any kind of problem can be solved by writing it in a paper and tying it to the scepter of the Goddess (Soolam) Shri Vakrakaliamman.

It is believed that worshipping the Goddess Vakrakaliamman at noon during full moon day and no moon day will solve their issues and give peace of mind.

Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple Timings

Morning 6 AM to 12 PM and Evening 5 PM to 8.30 PM

thiruvakkarai vakrakaliamman temple gopuram

Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple Address

Sri Chandramouleeswarar Temple,
Tiruvakkarai Post, Vanur Taluk,
Villupuram District,
Tamil Nadu-604 304.

Thiruvakkarai Vakrakaliamman Temple Contact Number: +91 4132688949


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