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Tirukkazhippalai Palvannanathar Temple

Palvannanathar Temple, Thirukkazhippalai

Thennadudaya Sivane Potri
Ennatavarkum Iraiva Potri

Temple Name Thirukkazhippalai Temple
Main Deity Palvannanathar (Lord Shiva)
Goddess Vedhanayaki
Sacred Water Kollidam River
Puranic Name Thirukkazhippalai, Kaaraimedu
Sthala Vriksham Vilvam (Bael)
Town Thirukkazhippalai – Sivapuri
District Cuddalore

Palvannanathar Temple History

In the sanctum sanctorum of Tirukkazhippalai, the Supreme Being shines as the Linga, radiating the brilliance of pure gold. Therefore, the deity of this place is named “Palvannanathar,” the Lord with a complexion of radiant gold. Sage Valmiki himself praised the deity of this place. During the Devaram period, an old shrine situated by the river Kollidam was washed away by the floodwaters. Subsequently, the Palvannanathar deity, who resided in the nearby temple, moved to the southern direction from Chidambaram and settled about 5 kilometers away in Sivapuri. This temple is now known as Tirunelvayil as well as Sivapuri.

palvannanathar temple inside

Palvannanathar Temple Structure

This temple, with its three-tiered Rajagopuram, stands as a grand edifice. Lord Nandikesvara, the attendant of Lord Shiva, graces the entrance of the temple. The temple doesn’t have a temple tree (sthala vriksha). Within the prakaram, there are shrines for Surya, Vinayaka, Krathamurti, Mahavishnu, Subramanya, Mahalakshmi, Navagrahas, Kala Bhairava, and Chandran.

Inside the inner prakaram, the outer part of the sanctum sanctorum houses the Ambal Sannidhi. On the eastern side of the mandapam, there is the sanctum of Ambal Sannithi. When entering the mandapam, one can have darshan of the Dvarapalakas. On the right side of the mandapam, there is the shrine of Ambal Sannithi. On the northern side of the mandapam, there is the Ambal Sanithi with Amman Sannithi. In the Natara Sabha, Sivakami Ammai’s thirumeni darshan and her two companions are seen on a single peedam. By visiting Vinayaka, Dandapani, and moving to the right, the main deity’s darshan can be sought.

The lingam, consecrated by Sage Kapila, is a unique one with a small lingam alongside it. This lingam is called the Suyambu Lingam, and it has a special feature with a small lingam and a trunk-like structure, similar to a gaja kesari, on the top. On top of the mandapam, there’s an image of Ambal Sannithi on the right side. The deity of Sivakami, along with her companions, is present on a single peedam. During the abhishekam, only milk is poured on the deity. All other abhishekams are performed for Avudaiyar.

tirukkazhippalai palvannanathar

History of Tirukkazhippalai

Sage Kapila worshipped every Shivastalam, and when he came to this place, he intended to perform Shiva puja. In the vicinity of this temple, cattle used to spill milk on the sand, which subsequently transformed into gold dust due to the blessings of the deity. Seeing this, the sage consecrated a Lingam here.

Once, the hoof of the horse of a king hit the Lingam, which fell into the river. The Lingam that Sage Kapila consecrated remained unaffected. Upon Sage Kapila’s prayers, the deity told him that even if the Lingam that was consecrated in the golden sand by the cattle gets immersed in water, it would not lose its significance and should remain consecrated. This episode signifies the uniqueness of this temple, where the Lingam retains its golden appearance to this day.

palvannanathar temple durgai amman

In this temple, Lord Bhairava is considered to be of special significance and is believed to possess a unique aura. Just like the treasures within Kashi, worshipping this Bhairava will bring about the same results. It is said that by venerating this Bhairava, one gains the blessings equivalent to worshipping the Bhairava in Kashi. This section of people refer to this deity as “Kovil Bhairava,” emphasizing the connection with the temple. Among the 276 shrines that received Lord Shiva‘s divine songs, this is the 4th shrine. Special prayers and rituals for this Bhairava are conducted on the eighth day of the lunar fortnight.

Prayer: Just as a child attains fortune by touching the lingam and as heat-related diseases are eliminated by abhisheka (ritual bathing) with milk, faith is instilled.

Importance: Victory over all endeavors can be achieved through the abhisheka performed to Lord Vinayaka who grants success. The fourth-day abhisheka conducted to Lord Vinayaka in the Sangatahara Chaturthi is significant.

Festivals: Thai Poosam, Navaratri, Karthigai Somavaram, Aippasi Annabhisheka, Margazhi Thiruvaathirai.

tirukkazhippalai palvannanathar temple amman

Palvannanathar Temple Timings

The temple is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the morning and from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM in the evening.

How to Reach Tirukkazhippalai Temple?

Located 13 km south of Chidambaram and 5 km away from Karaimedu on the northern bank of the river Kollidam, this temple was originally situated at a different place, but due to a flood, it was moved to its present location. It is around 1 km from Tirunelvayil Sivasthalam.

Palvannanathar Temple Contact Number: +91-9842624580

Tirukkazhippalai Palvannanathar Temple Address

Arulmigu Palvannanathar Temple,
Tirukkazhippalai, Sivapuri Anjal,
Sithamparai Vattam, Kadalur District,
PIN – 608002

The archaka’s residence is nearby the temple. You can contact him for darshan at any time.

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